Thanks, Fernando

Thanks, Fernando

Fast, brave, fighter, very intelligent, passionate, often misunderstood, aggressive, has no limit, a "killer". Hard. These are some of the qualifiers that important figures of the F-1 dedicated to Fernando Alonso on the day of his farewell. It has been a whole life focused on one of the sports, without detracting from others, more difficult in the world in which only between 18 and 22 pilots can compete. And he has remained in this elite for 18 years, only one as reserve driver and tester. The story of Fernando Alonso is the story of a fighter, someone different from children of his age, who lost all youth and almost childhood in order to achieve his dream: to be a Formula 1 driver. He had everything to stay in one more for lack of economic resources, because this sport requires large initial disbursements. But his father, José Luis, was able to move forward his son's sport career at the beginning, in karting, where Alonso showed a natural talent that very few deploy. And from there to the Formula Nissan and the F-3000 and its first mismatches with the budgets, the lack of sponsors and the hard fight in the antechamber of the F-1.

But it had something that Flavio Briatore knew to discover of the hand of Adrián Fields, the true discoverer of the figure of Alonso and absolute connoisseur of what really this Asturian was capable of doing. It was he who took one of the most important decisions in Alonso's career, hard as it may seem: to say no to Ferrari and "yes" to Renault. A difficult bet to understand at that time, however, gave the reason to Campos a few years later. Briatore prepared the way and Alonso responded as the genius that is at the controls of an F-1. Although that meant a step back like the one given in 2002, when Alonso already saw himself as a starter in Renault and the Italian relegated him to reserve driver. But since 2003, the Spaniard has not gotten out of a Formula 1. The "poles", the victories and two titles arrived. But also the first big decision, signing for McLaren for 2007, just after winning the first championship and when he still had a year left on his contract. Even so, he still conquered one more title before leaving for Woking's hell.

That 2007 will be remembered for the passion with which Alonso fought against everything and everyone. Against his team, against Hamilton, against the FIA ​​and the espionage case and, in short, suffering in the first person the hardness of the F-1 on and off the track. Since then the Spaniard dragged the controversy of their confrontation at McLaren and that caused doubts in the rest of the teams. He decided to leave to Renault before landing at Ferrari, but the play did not go as well as expected. Narrowly. The frustration of not having a winning car could with him and bet on his return to McLaren with a macro project led by Honda. Everything turned out to be a fiasco.

But Alonso is legendary for his driving, for his way of fighting with the biggest, with Schumacher, who won in a bloody battle that forced "Schumi" and Ferrari to get the best of both even in the offices. But they could not with him. Yesterday he said goodbye. He may return and, if he does, he will do so with great force, as the best pilot and, of course, as one of the most feared. Yesterday they paid him "great" homage like Hamilton and Vettel.

At the end of the race, the organization allowed him to finish the race on the straight with the winners. A sense of homage that not even Schumacher had at the time. The reality is that the F-1 will miss you. There are no more pilots like him. Its consistency and ability to adapt will make its mark in this sport.


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