March 5, 2021

Thailand begins its “de-escalation” with the opening of shopping centers

Thailand began to relax its containment measures against the COVID-19 pandemic on Sunday with the opening of its ubiquitous and popular shopping centers after a month of closure, while the number of cases detected daily of the new coronavirus decreases.

In addition, as the Government had announced last Friday, from today gyms, beauty salons, museums, swimming pools, convention centers reopen, although with restrictions on the number of people allowed in the venues, while Film shoots will be allowed, as long as the teams do not exceed 50 people.

To these measures is added the shortening of the night curfew, which from now on will be in effect from 11 at night to 4 in the morning, instead of starting at 10 at night, as until now.

The “de-escalation” occurs after a week in which the number of COVID-19 cases detected daily has decreased; This Sunday three were located, while yesterday there were none. In total there are 3,028 cases, which have caused 56 deaths.

On the other hand, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand announced on Saturday night that it was extending until June 30 the ban on the landing of passenger planes in the country, which declared a state of emergency in late March and turned on a A month later it was extended until May 31.

Thailand was the first country in which a case of COVID-19 was detected outside of China, epicenter of the pandemic, and although it has managed to contain it compared to other countries, its economy, in which the tourism sector plays an important role, it has been seriously affected by the crisis.

The Bank of Thailand has forecast that the country’s GDP could contract by 5.3 percent this year as a result of the economic impact of the coronavirus.


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