February 27, 2021

Texas: "The United Kingdom is today a real thing" – The Province

30 years ago a 'slide' guitar with blues sound was on track the first single from Texas, and his first success, 'I don't want a lover'. The Scottish group survived the 'one hit wonder' effect throughout a race in which it has been incorporating new waves of public. His tour this summer has included a single date in Spain, last Saturday in the Sons del Món festival, in the Citadel of Roses. We spoke with Sharleen Spiteri

-In 1989, Texas acted twice in a row in Barcelona (in Zeleste 2 and then in the big hall). How do you remember that first version of the group, the album 'Southside'?

For me it is as if it were yesterday. On the one hand you think 'Oh, my God, I can't believe we are still here, still relevant, and that people still want to listen to us.' I was 21 years old, but now, so much time later, I feel even more emotion than then.

– Over time the band has established itself in a pop with aromas of soul, an influence that was not very visible in that first album.

Yes, that album was more 'bluesy', but we were interested in folk and soul, and after all all these music are connected. For me, this is all part of a trip, and one genre is like the continuation of the other.

-Texas has many successes: 'I don't want a lover', 'Say what you want', 'In our lifetime', 'Summer are' € Do you think they are your best songs?

This depends on each listener. My opinion is not important. A song is something that everyone makes their own, depending on their situation in life, the meaning it gives at a certain time € It is the listeners who must decide which are the best songs, and they do so. Sometimes you watch the hits of other artists and ask yourself: "Would you be able to do something like that?" But trying to plan success would be boring. What I do is have fun and enjoy the band.

-In 2010 he published a solo album, 'The movie songbook', with adaptations of people like ELO, David Bowie, Tom Waits € Do you think there are currently artists of that caliber?

Of course, people have always kept going, from Coldplay to artists that I now like very much like Childish Gambino: I love his energy, his way of composing; It has something that nobody else has. Or Ed Sheeran, someone whose songs will continue to be heard for many years.

-There is a central nucleus in Texas, fixed during these 30 years, which constitute Ally McErlaine (guitar), Johnny McElhone (bass) and you. How does that chemistry work?

We are still together, with Johnny composing, because we are not in this for the money, but because we love him, because we still love being together on stage. If you see us play you can tell. I love my band!

More than two years ago of his latest album, 'Jump on board'. Do you think about your relay?

Yes, right now I am involved in the recording of a new Texas album. The idea is to publish it in early 2020. In this summer tour we do not include new songs, it is too soon. I can't even talk much about them, because when you're in the middle of a work process, with possible changes along the way, it's premature.

The United Kingdom seems to be heading towards 'brexit'. You are Scottish. Are you worried?

Of course. The situation in the United Kingdom today is a real mess, and the horizon is very blurred. I dislike it a lot. I don't have a crystal ball and I don't know what will happen, but it all points to the UK going through some difficulties for a couple of years and then, we hope, everything will be overcome. But in the face of something like that I keep mine, which is music. I have never even been interested in being a celebrity. Only music, concerts € That's why I'm in this.

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