July 25, 2021

Texas prepares the execution of a Mexican convicted of killing his family

Texas prepares the execution of a Mexican convicted of killing his family

The state of Texas (southern US) prepares for this Wednesday the execution of Mexican Robert Moreno Ramos, sentenced to death for killing his wife and two children in 1992 to remarry three days later.

If nothing prevents it, Moreno, 64, will receive a lethal injection after 6:00 pm local time (00:00 GMT Thursday) at Huntsville State Prison (near Houston).

As usual in the executions of its citizens in the US, the Government of Mexico has asked Washington, and in particular the State of Texas, to stop Moreno in compliance with a ruling of the International Court of Justice (CIJ). ).

In the so-called "Avena Judgment", the ICJ ordered in 2004 to reconsider the death sentences of 51 Mexicans in the United States. those who were violated their right, included in the Vienna Convention on consular relations, to request legal assistance to their country after their detention.

However, Texas has ignored the ICJ and has already executed five Mexicans affected by the "Falla Avena", the most recent Rubén Ramírez Cárdenas, just one year ago.

Moreno Ramos, born in Oaxaca (Mexico), was arrested on March 30, 1992 for traffic infractions. Eight days later he confessed to having buried his wife, Leticia, 42, and their children Abigail (7) and Jonathan (3) under the bathroom of the family home.

The authorities found on April 7 the bodies buried in the house in Progreso, a city bordering Mexico.

The prosecutors' version was that he had killed them two months before, on February 7, to marry three days later with his lover, who settled in Moreno's house in Progreso, the same one where Leticia's bodies were buried. , Abigail and Jonathan.

To his relatives, Moreno told them that the three had died in a traffic accident, but his inconsistencies led his sister-in-law, Leticia's sister, to report the disappearance, for which the authorities interrogated him once he was detained.

Moreno did not confess the murders, he assured the authorities that he had been found dead and his lawyers defended during the trial that they were drug traffickers responsible for the crime.

According to data from the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC), in the USA. There are 134 foreigners of 35 nationalities sentenced to death, most of them Mexicans (54), although there are nine Vietnamese, eight Cubans, eight Salvadorans and five Hondurans.

Since the United States reinstated the death penalty four decades ago, 33 foreigners have been executed, of whom eleven were Mexican and five Cubans.


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