TEST | What do you know about the 48 Spanish wonders you consider as World Heritage? - The province

It is not necessary to go abroad to discover places, monuments, cities or towns anchored in history and that impact their beauty and meaning. In a atypical summer In which many will choose to spend their vacations without leaving the Iberian peninsula and islands, we offer you a series of tests with which you can demonstrate how much you know and learn about places that you may approach or already know.

For example: did you know that Spain is the third country in the world with the most World Heritage? Italy and China lead the prestigious list drawn up by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), with 56 and 55 cultural, natural or mixed assets recognized respectively. Spain, with 48, completes the top 3 of a ranking made up of a total of 1,121 goods.

In this first installment of 'The tests are for the summer'you have to answer 9 questions about some of the Spanish wonders recognized as World Heritage.


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