November 30, 2020

Tesla withdraws from its website the purchase option of the Model 3 Standard, the cheapest

Tesla withdraws from its website the purchase option of the Model 3 Standard, the cheapest

The maker of luxury electric cars Tesla withdrew the cheapest version of the Model 3 from its website so that as of this Friday the vehicle will cost a minimum of $ 39,500, $ 4,000 more than what the company announced.

The manufacturer justified the elimination of the Model 3 Standard Range, the cheapest version of the vehicle and that was announced with a price of $ 35,000, for the "popularity" of the Standard Plus model that is selling at a rate six times higher than the cheapest .

"Given the popularity of the Standard Plus in relation to the Standard, we have taken the decision to simplify our production operations to better optimize costs, minimize complexity and adjust operations," Tesla reported on its website.

The company added that although the Model 3 Standard has been removed from its website as a purchase option, the model can now be purchased through its stores.

"Therefore, Model 3 Standard will now be a software-limited version of Standard Plus and we are removing it from the order menu, which means that to achieve this, customers will need to call or visit one of Tesla's hundreds of stores," he added. the company.

Tesla did not specify for how long the basic version of the Model 3 can be purchased through the telephone or the stores.

The practical elimination of the standard Model 3 model occurs one month after the factory informed that it would start delivering the first units of this version.

Since Tesla began producing the Model 3 in mid-2017, it has been delivering its most expensive versions to its customers, which has been critical of the company and its founder, Elon Musk.

When the entrepreneur announced that Tesla would produce the Model 3, he promised that the vehicle would have a price of $ 35,000 that would allow it to become a mass-selling vehicle to popularize electric cars.

On the other hand, Tesla has also started offering in the USA. Model 3 in "leasing", so the vehicle is now accessible to whoever pays an entry and "competitive" monthly payments.

Even so, Tesla pointed out that users will not have the option to acquire the vehicle at the end of that rent, as is usual in this type of contract, because with the arrival of total autonomy in the future through a software update it plans use those cars in your passenger transport network.

Tesla has also announced that all its models will incorporate the Autopilot system of driving assistance as standard and that in the future it will be able to convert the vehicle into a fully autonomous car.


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