Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Tesla will raise the price of all its models by 3%

Tesla will raise the price of all its models by 3%


The American automotive firm Tesla has analyzed the situation of its commercial network and has decided to keep more physical dealers open than originally planned and raise 3% on average the prices of their models around the world, after announcing that it would close all its stores to focus on the sale 'online'.

"During the last two weeks we have been closely evaluating each dealership and we have decided to keep many more stores open than previously announced and we will continue to evaluate them during the coming months," they explained from the company.

The US corporation announced earlier this month that the sale of its models would concentrate exclusively on the 'online' channel, in order to be able to contain the marketing prices of their vehicles.

The firm that runs Elon Musk has closed to date 10% of its points of sale and has selected stores that did not have the customer traffic initially planned, while highlighting that some centers located in high visibility points that were closed, they will reopen, but with a smaller template.

Tesla stressed that there is another 20% of dealers that is being reviewed and pointed out that, depending on their "effectiveness", the centers could be closed or continue to operate. Thus, he pointed out that around 50% of its centers will be closed, so the cost savings will be only half.

The American multinational stressed that the fact of maintaining a larger number of stores than expected has led to an increase of 3% on average the price of their vehicles worldwide. ¬ęPotential customers they will have a week of time to place their orders before the rise, since the current prices remain until March 18, "the company said.

The price of the newly launched Model 3, which stands at 35,000 dollars (30,700 euros at the current rate) in the United States, will not register a rise in its basic version, but Model S and X will be more expensive.

"To be clear, all global sales will continue to be made online, since potential customers who go to stores will be shown how to order a Tesla through their phone in a few minutes," the company said.

However, he said he will continue to have test cars for customers, while also maintaining the option of returning the vehicle andn one week or before 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers). In addition, stores will have a small number of vehicles in stock for people who want to take their vehicle as soon as possible.


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