November 29, 2020

Tesla threatens to remove its headquarters from California (USA) and go to Nevada or Texas

The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, threatened this Saturday to remove his headquarters from California (USA) due to the restrictions in place to stop the coronavirus and assured that he appreciates moving “immediately” its facilities to Nevada or Texas.

Musk’s warnings come a day after Alameda County, California, where the company is based, announced that the Tesla factory should remain closed until the end of May due to confinement measures.

“Tesla will now move its headquarters and future programs to Texas / Nevada immediately,” Musk said on Twitter.

In this regard, he explained that the decision to maintain some type of activity in his California factory will depend on “how Tesla is treated in the future.”

In addition, Musk announced that Tesla will “immediately” report Alameda County for its decision to maintain quarantine.

“The ignorant acting health director of Alameda, who has not been elected by anyone, is acting contrary to what is ordered by the governor, the president and our freedoms protected by the constitution, as well as by common sense!” Musk, who is known for his outlandish behavior and controversial comments, cried on Twitter.

In reality, California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, has given the companies permission to reopen, but has made it clear that the decision rests with the municipalities; and the same has been done by US President Donald Trump, who has left the decision in the hands of local authorities.

Alameda County allows essential businesses to reopen, but considers that Tesla does not meet the criteria necessary to resume its activities and, therefore, they have recommended the company to wait at least a week to assess the evolution of the disease, said the Friday a spokesman for the local entity.

Alameda County has registered 1,961 infections and 70 people have died, according to the latest data from the local Health Department.

In late April, Musk starred in another controversy when he called the confinement by the coronavirus “fascist” and “forced incarceration.”

In the US, several states have begun to reopen while the country continues to be the focus of the pandemic in absolute terms with 1.2 million cases and more than 77,000 deaths.


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