Tesla delivered 90,700 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2018

Tesla delivered 90,700 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2018

Tesla, the maker of luxury electric cars, said today that in the fourth quarter of the year delivered 90,700 vehicles, 2,000 units below the company's forecasts.

The breach of the objective along with the announcement that it will cut the price of its vehicles in the United States by $ 2,000 to compensate for the end of the fiscal incentives of the federal government, caused the fall of Tesla shares.

Following the announcement, the manufacturer's shares initially fell by 9% to trade at $ 300 per share.

Tesla was unable to meet expected deliveries despite the fact that in the last quarter it produced 86,555 vehicles, 8% more than in the third quarter.

In the whole of the year, Tesla delivered 245,240 vehicles of which 145,846 were of Model 3, and 99,394 of Model S and Model X.

Tesla said in a statement that in 2018 delivered "almost as many vehicles" as in all previous years together.

The manufacturer also noted that "there are significant opportunities to maintain the growth of Model 3 sales with the expansion in international markets, introducing cheaper variants and offering 'leasing'".

Several analysts have pointed out in recent weeks that the demand for Model 3, Tesla's mass production vehicle, seems to have stabilized in North America, so the company has to grow in other markets.


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