July 26, 2021

Tesla chooses a woman to succeed Elon Musk in the presidency | Economy

Tesla chooses a woman to succeed Elon Musk in the presidency | Economy

Tesla has already replaced Elon Musk in the presidency. Robyn Denholm is chosen by the electric car manufacturer Tesla to take charge of its board of directors. The change is a consequence of agreement reached with the stock market regulator of the United States to separate the role of CEO. The founder will not be able to recover his position until after three years.

Denholm, 55, is the chief financial officer of the Australian telecommunications company Telstra. He had already held a position on the Tesla board four years ago. She is one of the two women on the board of directors of California society, out of a total of nine members including James Murdoch and Kimbal Musk, brother of Elon Musk.

The financial expert will assume the position immediately, according to the announcement made by Tesla. In return you will have to leave your duties at Telstra for the next six months. Musk, who had a term of 45 days to resign from the presidency, will continue to retain a seat on the board of directors. The company also agreed to appoint two new independent directors.

The origin of this tumult is in a message that Elon Musk posted on Twitter announcing that he had sufficient funding for Tesla to stop trading and thus not have to be exposed to the speculators who played against the company. The stock market regulator sued the CEO at the end of September to remove that function, considering that investors were confused.

The agreed solution, in principle, should give greater control to the board of directors over the conduct of Elon Musk. But technically Robyn Denholm considers herself an independent counselor, has been part of the Tesla team for a long time and is considered one of the people loyal to the founder. The appointment of new members will be made before the end of December.

Denholm has spent two months as the financial director of the largest telecommunications operator in Australia. Before he was in charge for a year of Telstra's operations, according to the biography published by Tesla. He also worked for Jupiner Networks and held various executive positions at Sun Microsystems. And for seven years he worked for Toyota in Australia.

"I believe in this company, I believe in its mission", affirms the new president of Tesla in the statement with the announcement of her appointment, in which she explains that she will dedicate herself fully to helping Elon Musk and his team achieve "a profitability" sustainable "of the company. The manufacturer has just closed the third quarter with benefits, thanks to the momentum in the production of the Model 3.


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