October 23, 2020

Teruel takes advantage of the pull that networks provide to place on the map

Never before has so much been spoken about the provincial capital with fewer inhabitants of Spain. The decision of the deputy of Teruel There, Tomás Guitarte, to support the investiture of the socialist Pedro Sánchez has put the city on the map and has placed it as a trend in social networks.

There were those who called the boycott of their products and who claimed they would never visit the city or the province, although in the last hours the label that is among the most popular topics of the moment is #YoVoyATeruel.

The delegate deputy of Tourism of the Provincial Council of Teruel, Diego Piñeiro (PSOE), has assured Efe that the fact that the city is “on the lips of all Spaniards” is something “positive” and has downplayed the call to boycott that some people have promoted in social networks claiming that it is something “anecdotal”.

The mayor of Teruel, Emma Buj (PP), has regretted that some users had decided to promote that campaign, although she has considered that in other territories where similar actions had been incited “they had rarely had any repercussion” and added that a Trade representative said that “sales tend to increase”.

The streets of the historic center of Teruel dawned on Wednesday as one more day, away from the noise of the media and social networks, with a vigorous sun that warmed the cold of the first hours and with people on the terraces of the coffee shops commenting on the situation of the policy with few fuss.

There are even those who have taken advantage of the “pull” of the call for boycotts on the networks, such as a company from Monreal del Campo, Degusta Teruel, who announced free shipments on the day the #boicotTeruel label was launched and achieved a considerable increase in Your sales

In Alcañiz, the second city of the province of Turolense and where the senator of Teruel exists, Joaquín Egea, serenity also prevails among the neighbors who come to greet the political representative to be interested in his personal situation after knowing in the media of communication the harassment that has suffered the deputy Tomás Guitarte, as he himself has reported.

Guitarte has indicated this Wednesday at a press conference that although there has been an emphasis on the pressure against to force the vote, in parallel there has been a “massive demonstration” of support from “many people” of Teruel and the platforms of the Spain emptied.

He has also explained the agreement he has reached with the Socialist Party to invest Sanchez, of which the State Pact for Territorial Rebalance and Repopulation, the “explicit commitment” of the government of Spain “to address the problems of the province ”and the creation of a ministry that“ will take into account the document ”written by the 120 platforms that make up the empty Spain platform.

The president of the Popular Party of Teruel, Joaquín Juste, has appeared at a press conference to condemn the harassment towards the parliamentarian of Teruel Exists and towards any person of “any political party”, but has specified that this formation “does not represent all Turolenses ”and recalled that, if the formation of Guitarte won the Congress in the province, the Popular Party made it to the Senate.

The Board of Spokespersons of the City Council of Teruel will meet this Thursday to show the rejection of the session to the boycott on social networks and show their support for Guitarte, who in an interview on Onda Cero has called to calm the spirits and recalled that since the group of voters always made it clear that their vote would go to the candidate with more support, whether it was Sánchez or Pablo Casado.

Diego Saz


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