April 14, 2021

Terrassa’s neighbors gather to condemn the last sexist crime

Hundreds of people have concentrated on Sunday at the gates of the City Council of Terrassa (Barcelona), to express their revulsion for the murder of a neighbor at the hands of their ex-partner, a mosso d’esquadra who allegedly shot him with his regulatory weapon and then committed suicide.

In the rally, convened by the session and attended by the mayor, Jordi Ballart, attendees have kept a minute of silence in memory of the victim, after a banner with the slogan “I am not your property, enough of femicides”.

In the protest, the mayor has read a manifesto of condemnation of the crime, while the city council spokesman has approved a public statement to express his rejection of any form of sexist violence and express his “firm” commitment to the fight against that social scourge.

Likewise, the Terrassa City Council has agreed to decree three days of mourning for this new victim of sexist violence in the population, as agreed at the meetings of the Feminicide Board and the Board of Spokesmen of the session held this morning.

For this reason, the flags of the town hall’s balcony are flying at half-mast, a black and violet ribbon has been hung on the facade of the building and the headquarters of each of the municipal districts will display black crepes and banners with the motto “Terrassa de mourning for patriarchal violence. Not one more. “

The banners with black crepes will be provided to the entities, shops, businesses and offices of the city so that they can also be hung in their facilities.


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