April 22, 2021

Terrassa FC withdraws the veteran team from the competition due to macho insults | Catalonia

Terrassa FC withdraws the veteran team from the competition due to macho insults | Catalonia

Moment of the sitting of the players of the two teams.

The episode of markedly macho insults uttered by players of the Terrassa FC veterans team during a game of women's football has ended with his withdrawal from the competition. After a meeting held on Monday night with the heads of the teams involved to clarify what happened, the club's board of directors has concluded that the insults "are a very serious fault" and has chosen to withdraw the team from the competition .

The controversy refers to a match played on Saturday by the women's teams of Terrassa and EF Viladecavalls at the Olympic Stadium of Terrassa. According to the coach of this last team, Vero Fernández, the spirits of the veteran players – who warmed up on one of the sides of the field, since they had to play their game right after – began to warm up when the women's game was delayed because an injury of a player that forced to interrupt the meeting for several minutes. Already in the second half, the players of Viladecavalls scored a goal right in the goal where the veterans warmed up and they began to demand that they finish the game. "This match should be suspended, you should not be playing," said the veterans, according to the minutes signed by the referee. Then it was when players from both teams faced them and they uttered insults such as: "Go to the kitchen, go scrubbing, you are shits, you are sows." The clash ended in a fight between players and veterans and the suspension of the match

Terrassa FC issued a statement on Sunday condemning the events and announcing an internal investigation. The organization gathered on Monday at 8:00 pm responsible for the teams involved in the incidents to find out what happened. The spokeswoman of the club, Marta Armengol, has explained that the veterans denied to have insulted the players, in spite of the act of the arbitrator, that they put in question. "She was a very young girl, who pointed out what the players told her, but she did not listen to anything," defended the veterans, according to Armengol. The players, he adds, also refused to identify the perpetrators of the insults and to ask for forgiveness because they consider "that they should not apologize for something that did not happen".

After listening to the parties, the board of directors of the club held an extraordinary meeting and at midnight announced the withdrawal of veterans' competition during the remainder of the season, considering the insults "a very serious fault". "We listened to all the parties, but in the end we had an official act of the highest authority in the field, which is what we should give credibility," argues Armengol. "We are committed to advancing in the construction of a society and a sport that walks with values ​​far from any type of violence, from respect, teamwork, struggle and effort," the club adds in its statement.

The decision means, in practice, the expulsion of these players from the club. Looking ahead to the next season, Armengol says that at the time they will decide "who is part of the team of veterans" and if they accept the reinstatement of one of the defenestrado team. "It will depend on the attitude of showing until then", ditch the spokeswoman of the club.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) also expressed its "strong rejection" of the insults "vulgar and macho" spilled by the Veterans. "These behaviors are not acceptable in our football," said the RFEF.

For its part, the City of Terrassa also condemned the facts in a statement and applauded the reaction of the club for its decision to open an investigation. "Terrassa is a city firmly committed to the struggle for gender equality and social justice, where violence has no place and where sport is considered as one of the main transmitting agents of values ​​such as coexistence, civility and equal, "said the municipal government.

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