April 15, 2021

Teresa Rodríguez renounces the diets during her maternity leave | Society

Teresa Rodríguez renounces the diets during her maternity leave | Society

The president of Adelante parliamentary group Andalusia, Teresa Rodríguez, has waived the right to receive the allowances that correspond to her as a deputy of the Andalusian Chamber, during the period of her maternity leave. The leader of the confluence of Podemos and IU in the community, will return, as well, the aid and compensation that regional parliamentarians charge for maintenance and stay. Rodriguez has moved his request this morning to the Parliament's Bureau, as reported by the coalition in a statement. Now, this governing body should study your request and approve it, if applicable.

If accepted, Rodríguez, who is in the final stretch of her pregnancy, will stop receiving around 1,000 euros per month. The diets received by the Andalusian deputies range between 800 and 2,500 euros depending on the position they occupy. Adelante Andalucia says that this is the first time that a member of the Andalusian Chamber has waived her right to receive salary supplements. She is not the only member of her training who has refused diets. Guzmán Ahumada, a deputy from Malaga, who is currently enjoying his paternity leave, also informed Parliament on Monday about his refusal to receive such aid, which in his case amount to 1,300 euros.

With this initiative, Adelante Andalusia seeks to call attention to the payment of diets by the regional Parliament, a criticism that has been one of the main workhorses of Podemos in the previous term and whose elimination, Rodriguez herself has made a personal struggle In 2017, the leader of the purple formation in the region, presented a controversial reform of the regulations of the Chamber to cut and force to justify the diets of parliamentarians. The initiative, presented under the slogan Privileges zero, was found with the votes against PSOE, PP and Citizens.

The 109 Andalusian deputies receive a base salary of 3,127.22 euros per month, according to the data published by the autonomous Parliament, which add supplements for living expenses, accommodation and travel that are not reflected in their salaries and do not have to justify. We may have tried, without success, to end these bonuses. Rodríguez has donated the amounts he receives to different causes and sectors.


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