June 24, 2021

Teresa Rodríguez does not want to expropriate the savings to create a public bank

The leader of Adelante Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, has not said that she wants to take savings from citizens to create a public bank, as affirmed by messages that have resurfaced on social networks as a result of the coronavirus crisis and that are based on the misrepresentation of some statements from 2015.

In the heat of the management of the health crisis of the COVID-19, messages have been circulated these days on WhatsApp and on the networks denouncing the alleged intention of the Adelante Andalucía spokesperson to expropriate the savings to the citizens to constitute a bank with them Public: “Banking that they would manage, of course …” “Ojito, they are going for all; they are warning us and we are applauding.”

DATA: This is the biased interpretation of statements made in March 2015 by the then candidate for Podemos to the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía. In fact, the messages on networks are usually accompanied by a video published at that time on YouTube with the following headline: “Teresa Rodríguez proposes to take savings from citizens to create a Public Bank”.

The words that the then candidate of Podemos spoke in that video – where a fragment of the Antena 3 newscasts issued on March 10 of that year are collected – did not correspond, however, with such a statement.

In reality, Rodríguez is heard defending the creation of “a public bank that can invest and can give credit to those who generate employment and wealth in our country; that is, that it can make collective savings available to what society needs. ”

“We have observed how the savings of the citizens who are in the banks have not been invested in a productive economy that generates employment,” added Rodríguez in that video clip, which accumulates more than a million views on YouTube and has circulated in more than one occasion on social networks also accompanied by texts that distorted its content.

Consulted by EFE, the head of Communication of Adelante Andalucía, Esperanza Fernández, stressed that “it is false” that Teresa Rodríguez and the coalition she represents “want to take away anyone’s savings”, a statement that, as she stressed, “is taken out of context of an incomplete video of an electoral campaign ”.

It is true that Adelante Andalucía’s electoral program defends the approval of an Andalusian Public Banking Law “subject to Parliament’s control”, but in no case constituted with savings from citizens coming from their deposits in private banks.

Proposal 81 of the program with which this coalition attended the last regional elections proposes to launch this public bank with “the assets of the Andalusian Public Fund for the financing of the business fabric and economic development”, as well as “the Funds lacking Active Legal Personality “.

Fuentes de Podemos, a party to which Rodríguez still belongs, have also explained to EFE that the purple formation continues to defend that proposal for the creation of a public bank.

And Teresa Rodríguez herself has stepped out of this hoax on her Twitter account, where she takes the opportunity to explain her vision of how public banking should be: “A public financial entity, professionalized, without management by ‘the politicians’, and whose The objective is to support the local economy and the most vulnerable sectors, not to sign up for the bubble as the old savings banks did. “


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