Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Teresa Rodríguez dismisses as "insult to intelligence" the query proposed by Iglesias

The leader of We can in Andalusia, Teresa Rodríguez, has announced in its social networks that it will not vote the query of his party on the possibilities of the government pact with the PSOE and says that, as the question is planted, it is "unfortunately, a true insult to intelligence"

In a thread that has opened on Twitter, Teresa Rodriguez, on maternity leave, says she will not vote in this consultation that Podemos has opened today and in which until Thursday 18 he asks his registrants if they want a coalition government or if they support a monochrome executive like the one proposed by the acting president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. Rodriguez says he will not vote "for the form" of the consultation.

"The options are openly biased. The question should be: government pact with the PSOE yes, no or abstention, and give the details of the pact that is submitted for consultation.

"The question as it is posed is openly tendentious, it forgets other possible options and is, unfortunately, a true insult to the intelligence that denotes a lack of confidence in the arguments that are held to defend a pact at all costs," he says.

He adds that he does not intend to vote in this consultation "for the fund." "It matters the why, if there is no repeal of labor reforms, of the gag law, of 135, of the LOMCE, if there is no fight against climate change if there is no derogation of austerity will only serve to give our achievements and assume the contradictions of a PSOE historically accustomed to defraud, "he says.

He adds that he hopes "sincerely" to be wrong "but it will not be because he did not present my arguments with clarity and without cheating."

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