Teresa Ribera once again threatens to decouple gas from the price of electricity from April

JGNMadrid Updated: 03/12/2022 1:35 p.m.
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The third vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has assured that "the decoupling between the price of gas and the operation of the electricity market will be seen in April", that is, five months after it reached record highs last December .

In an interview in the newspaper 'El Periódico' collected by Ep, he explained that the price will be unlinked to the extent that the European Council, which will meet on March 24 and 25, "supports that separation."

He explained that it is a possibility that the Government
set a maximum price for the electricity market or a maximum price for natural gas
when it goes to make offers to the electricity market, and that the different alternatives are being evaluated.

For her, another possibility is to "definitively withdraw gas from the electricity market and build a much more complicated system in which each technology is remunerated according to its costs and profitability."

«To the extent that it has to be something urgent, it will be something temporary. Another thing is that when the Agency of European Energy Regulators (ACER) presents its recommendations in April, it will probably lead to the opening of a debate on how to evolve the electricity market for the coming years in Europe, "he defended.

Asked if the Government will intervene in the market without permission from Brussels, she said that although the responsible bet is to achieve a unanimous agreement, Pedro Sánchez's Executive "knows what the limits of its society and its economy are and if not there is a timely response» would have to plan to act outside Europe. “We cannot afford the luxury of the industry shutting down as a result of a lack of reaction from regulators. We need to intervene very quickly », she added.

Regarding aid to the sectors most affected by the rise in energy prices, he stressed that the Government announced "a coverage of 80% of the bill tolls for the electro-intensive industry, that is, that technically they will only pay for consumption electric".

He has defended that the Government must reinforce its response with a much broader regulatory and fiscal package, and says that it is preparing it "so that it comes out in a manner consistent with the European Council, that is, at the end of March."

He has also assured that the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, María Jesús Montero, "is assessing how to build a tax relief package for domestic consumers, if it has to be dedicated to gasoline, gas, electricity, or a little of everything".

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