March 6, 2021

Teresa Ribera announces changes in the social bond of light that all large families enjoy without distinguishing their income

The Fourth Vice President of the Government and Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, announced this Tuesday in Congress a reform of the electricity social bond so that “those who need it most” receive it.

The Government reforms the social bond of electricity to expand coverage to those affected by the coronavirus

The Government reforms the social bond of electricity to expand coverage to those affected by the coronavirus

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Currently, these discounts on the receipt of between 25% and 40% benefit different vulnerable groups, although they are also granted indiscriminately to large families, without distinguishing their income level. In July 2020, and according to the latest data available from the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), 323,553 large families had the social bonus.

“We need to consolidate and expand the electricity social bonus, focusing on those who need us most” and “understand if the categories previously established in 2017 of vulnerable consumers really correspond to those who need it most,” explained Ribera.

“Sometimes we find that this is not necessarily the case and if we cross-check information on income and wealth, we may be covering people who can better manage themselves and setting aside resources that could be allocated to particularly needy groups.”

Ribera has indicated that as of January 10, 1,218,863 households had the social bonus, compared to 1,077,000 beneficiaries two years ago. Regarding the thermal social bonus, 16% more households had it than in 2019.

“Unfortunately,” poverty indicators are going to worsen as a result of the coronavirus catastrophe after improvement in 2019.

Ribera, who has announced that “in the coming weeks” he will raise the Energy Storage Strategy to the Council of Ministers, has appeared before the Commission for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge of Congress to give explanations in relation to the escalation of the receipt as a result of the Filomena storm and the cold wave of the first half of January, as well as to explain the Government’s measures to favor the reduction of the cost of electricity and the protection of vulnerable consumers.

The vice president reiterated that she wants to study “carefully” the reform of the electricity market to avoid the “benefits that have fallen from the sky” of hydroelectric and nuclear technology, as agreed by the PSOE and United We Can: “We do not want to undermine the trust that has It took two and a half years to repair it by investors and international regulators ”.


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