June 19, 2021

Teresa Ribera affirms that there is time for the car to adapt in Spain

Teresa Ribera affirms that there is time for the car to adapt in Spain

The Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, said today in Badajoz that the major international markets already demand other types of vehicles, although she has stated that "there is time" to "acclimatize".

Ribera has participated today in a panel on renewable energies and reduction of CO2 emissions held within the framework of the forum "Extremadura in Europe" that the Extremadura Socialists have organized today in Badajoz.

He explained that he would not like the same thing happening to the automobile industry and its employees as to the coal industry, to whom "until we arrived and signed an agreement with them, they were hanging by a thread".

In this regard, he noted that "everyone" knew that the coal mine should be closed on December 31, 2018 and that "if alternatives are not provided, what is done is to leave workers and peoples on the edge of the abyss ".

For this reason, he has advocated taking advantage of the time in a scenario in which the major international markets demand other types of vehicles, although he has acknowledged that "there is time to acclimatise" and analyze "how it accompanies innovation and modernization projects to the industrial chains, in zero emission car alternatives ".

Regarding the future, he explained that "a good part of the coal will fall immediately in the next two or three years," while renewable energy will rise.

"The nuclear is falling but still spaced in time for multiple reasons, including techniques," while the gas will remain "stable" in a trend that has to go down, he added.

In this regard, has alluded to the future law of climate change and energy transition prepared by the Government to indicate that it will be the subject of public debate, an issue "important to introduce modulations, corrections that come out of this collective consensus."

Previously, at the opening of this forum on Europe, the minister said that Spaniards have gone from looking at Europe "from a corner" to become "Europeans first" and part of a project that today is "with concern "because" many "are using fear to" win ".

He has advocated thinking locally to act globally, "and not just the other way around", in order to get the solutions right, in addition to analyzing not only the big figures, but also the small ones, which in his opinion make the difference.

For this reason, he has applauded the day that today is celebrated in Badajoz, in a border area where Extremadura and Portuguese share present and future, agree, defend the balance between rural and urban, as well as good health and education, being an example of "solidarity citizens".

In his opinion, they are an example and should be the "battering ram" that puts in value another model of wealth, "which is not only GDP".


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