Teresa Perales: "There is always something more to achieve but this is the prize"

-How did you get the news?

-I had no idea that I was a candidate, I was sitting on the sofa, it was in the morning, I had nothing to do, I am resting because of the injury, and I thought, 'ah, today the Princess jury is meeting of Asturias! '. I read that there were 18 nominations this year, I like to be attentive because I like sports. An unknown phone calls me, at a strange time. I have taken it. 'Look, we're calling you from the Princess of Asturias Foundation ...' I can't believe it! They have communicated it to me and it has been the most tremendous emotion.

-And from there, madness.

-The madness, I knew I had about five minutes to call my mother, my husband and my brother, who were the three people I wanted to tell faster. I have not had time to look at the networks, the Whatsapps, the last thing I have seen has been more than 500 messages, one hundred and fifty-odd missed calls ... It overwhelms me, it overwhelms me. That is why I have asked Mariano (her husband) for help, I could not do it alone.

-He has received congratulations from all kinds of people.

-Yes, I have received a lot of affection that I think is what I have to stay with today. I have always received it and I always say it, but people with whom I had not spoken for a long time have sent me messages.

-What does this award mean for someone like you who has won everything?

-There is always something more to achieve but this is the prize, it is very important. I had been nominated several times because they had presented my candidacy, I had been a finalist, once I was one vote. I had had it so close and at the same time so far ... And this time I didn't even know it was there, look, I find the surprise. I didn't even have a speech prepared, they started calling me and I didn't even know what to say. What my heart dictates to me is to share and I want to share it with many people, with Paralympic athletes, athletes in general, sportswomen ... It greatly reinforces a message that I love to convey that we often live moments of downturn, of thinking that we are not You get out of this ... Well, it's a good time to look back and remember those first strokes, when I threw myself with a life jacket, overcoming many fears and embarrassments and look where I am today, with all the medals and winning the Princess Award of Asturias. That is why my message is for all those who are experiencing a downturn and for people with disabilities.

-She is the first athlete with a disability to achieve it, the seventh woman, it all adds up.

-I am very excited to see that barriers are being broken with me. In the end they give it to me, I will be the one to bring it home, but in my heart I share it with everyone.

-What challenges do you have ahead?

-I have the Games. You are not looking for prizes, I am looking for medals, which is what depends on me, to win my rivals. The rest, welcome. This has been a tremendous surprise but I hope there is a lot ahead.

-Do you have all the awards and medals at home?

-The medals I have very saved and the awards here some here and there, others also at my mother's house. I have the Aragonese of the Year here and the sports one at my mother's house. They are spread out there. There are many. But this one will have a special place. I don't even know how big it is, it is a bust of Miró, there is a diploma and a badge.

- All this, in addition, he has been able to live it as a family, with his son.

-That's the most beautiful thing. When I called my mother she started crying, we both started crying out loud. It has been a crazy day. A very beautiful madness that I will always keep in my memory.


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