Terelu Campos: “‘Masterchef Celebrity’ is a cure for humility”

The kitchens of the sixth edition of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ tonight opens its doors at 1 de TVE. On this occasion, among other names, the talent will have the participation of Terelu Campos, Eduardo Navarrete and Vanesa Romero, three of the 16 aspiring VIPs who will use all their culinary skills to win the title of best celebrity chef in our country and with a cash prize of 75,000 euros for the NGO of their choice. YOTELE talks with the presenter, the designer and the actress about their passage through the new season of ‘Masterchef Celebrity‘.

-What balance do you make of your time at ‘Masterchef Celebrity’?

-Edu: It is a wonderful experience because we have lived very cool things, but it is very hard. They are many hours and there is a lot of demand and it takes you to the physical and mental extreme.

-Terelu: I would say that ‘Masterchef‘is a humility cure in your life. The years you have been in your career are of no use there, whether as an actress, as a designer, as a journalist, as a reporter, as a comedian … When you arrive, you stay in pellets. You think that all the baggage of each one is going to serve you and it is of no use to you. It doesn’t even help you to think that you know a little about cooking.

-Vanesa: I had no idea. I arrived with a very basic level.

-Carmina Barrios has assured that one of the great surprises of this edition was you, Terelu.

-Terelu: I have made very good friends with Carmina. We came from the same cooking school: the one that is done in the homes of mothers and grandmothers. I have also had an incredible surprise with her, but, in the end, I think it has been with everyone. I love my Carmina. She does not write Whatsapps, speak and send audios. It has been our joy. It has a great merit because age weighs a lot. It is a program of great physical effort. I take my hat off to her.

-Edu: To me he said “Crazy carioca, do you know what is going to play today? ‘Carieles'”. I asked him what it was and he answered: “Chicken pieces wrapped in paper.”

-Did you call someone to advise you after receiving the proposals to participate?

-Edu: Sure we called. I spoke to two muses, who are Yolanda Ramos and La Terremoto de Alcorcón, to ask them for advice, but no matter how much they tell you, until you experience the harshness of that …

-Terelu: I did not speak directly to someone, but I agreed with Flo and Gonzalo Miró before I knew that they were going to call me to do the test. We talked for a long time and there they already told me to get ready if I came in. Those words I will never forget.

-Vanesa: In my case, I called Loles, we were talking and he told me the same thing, that it was hard. But, of course, one thing is what they tell you and another is to live it. When you live it, you understand that people cry, get frustrated … You understand everything. It has been an amazing experience.

-Have you been very excited?

-Terelu: Yes Yes. Even saying, “Please don’t record me!” We have cried with emotion to overcome something, with anger, with shame.

-Edu: Or when a partner has left.

-In your case, Eduardo, what are viewers going to find about you in ‘Masterchef’?

-Edu: They are going to see the same thing they saw in ‘Masters of Sewing’ because I only have one way of being which is this. It is very hooligan, funny … If the question goes around, I have not matured at all. You are also going to see a lot of fashion because I have also made suits.

-Terelu: I want to tell Edu that I have signed up for a tailoring course to become ‘Masters of Sewing’.

-‘Mastros de la couture ‘has not yet been renewed for a fifth season. What message would you send to TVE to convince them to renew it?

-Edu: A program such as ‘Masters of Sewing’ is necessary because it has given value to the industry and, as has happened with ‘Masterchef’, many people have learned to sew. It has given visibility to Spanish fashion. If they don’t renew it, I would be very sorry.

-Terelu: And why don’t we propose a mix of anonymous with ‘celebritys’?

-Edu: That would be the best because there are many who know how to sew, such as Óscar Higares.

-Terelu, in your family, who cooks better?

-My mother has not cooked for many years, but she has always cooked phenomenally. What I know I have learned from my mother and my grandmother. And then from my sister, and she from me and vice versa. We have been a circle. We have the same line and each one gives it its own touch.

-The fact of winning ‘Come to dinner with me: Gourmet Edition’, do I encourage you to enter ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, Terelu?

-I recorded it about eight months before the proposal to participate in ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ came to me. I didn’t even remember, why am I going to cheat on you?

-Who would you recommend this experience to?

-Terelu: To my sister Carmen, who cooks better than me.

-Edu: I would recommend it to any of my friends because it really is a really cool experience. I think Susi Caramelo and Candela Peña would have a great time in kitchens.

-Vanesa: Yes. Because, personally, I think that ‘Masterchef’ has helped me to realize many things about me.


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