Terelu Campos explodes and sends a harsh message to Kiko Hernández: “Until when?”

Terelu Campos he is enjoying a few days of vacation in Malaga, but this Sunday he took time to participate in ‘Viva la vida’ through a live connection. He did it with the aim of respond to Kiko Hernández for his latest criticism of his daughter, Alejandra Rubio, very upset by a photograph shared by the collaborator of ‘Save me‘together with María Teresa Campos and Belén Rodríguez. “If my grandmother had seen many things, I would not have invited him to eat anyway“, he assured.

When it seemed that Kiko and the Campos had signed a truce, Terelu wanted to send a strong message to the one who had been his partner for more than nine years, which this week asked for forgiveness from the evening program of Telecinco. “My question to those words of apology is … How long, Kiko?”The ‘Viva la vida’ collaborator began by saying: “I think that a person with your background and professional weight, and already a certain age, has to know what cannot be”.

“I am at a point in my life that forgiveness is no longer worth me. Real facts are worth me”, said the communicator before adding that “we all get warm.” “If someone thinks I’m cold as an iceberg, they don’t know me,” she said. On the other hand, he highlighted Kiko’s “television strength” while throwing a dart at her: “I have praised you all my life, saying that you are one of the largest television animals I have ever seen. But sometimes you are a little animal in the other part, not only in television “.

For Terelu, some of the statements Kiko makes in ‘Save me’ are unnecessary: ​​”There are things that do not add up, they subtract. You can comment on whether I go out in a swimsuit or bikini and make fun of you, because I even have fun with you. But questioning the profession of a partner, no. These things are not done. You don’t play with a person’s job and career years. ”

The daughter of Maria Teresa Campos she was particularly hurt by the fact that her professionalism is questioned: “Work of more than 35 years is not thrown away. I have worked hard and well. I keep working. Less than I would like because of life circumstances, but I keep trying to do the best that I know how and that I can. ”

Finally, she regretted Kiko’s attacks on her daughter: “I understand that my daughter is on television and that one can give her the rejoinder, it would only be missing. But I think that if you want to give him a zasca, you can give it to him with love and to build, so that he learns“.” Welcome are the zascas that way “, settled.


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