Terelu breaks when he sees some images of María Teresa Campos being persecuted by the press: “She is 80 years old”

Terelu Campos he has not been able to withstand the pressure. The collaborator had to face in ‘Viva la vida’ the last statements of Arrocet Mustache, who in a magazine charged hard against Maria Teresa Campos, assuring that he had lent him 50,000 euros and that even cataloging it as “infamous liar“.

The program of Telecinco showed a video in which the press caught the veteran communicator by gang, clinging to the arm of her chauffeur Gustavo. In it, María Teresa limited herself to affirming that she had nothing to say and assured that it was her driver who knew the whole truth of her break with the comedian.

The images saddened Terelu, who could not suppress crying on the way back. “We understand Terelu perfectly,” he said. Emma garcia, which was met by Campos’ blunt answer: “No, you don’t understand me.” “And it shows me a lot that I am not understood. But it does not matter, I already said that I do not expect anything from anyone, a long time ago. From anyone in my professional life, of course,” he said.

Emma García tried to show her understanding: “In the end, she is your mother. And I tell you one thing, I am sure that your mother knows your suffering and everything that you love her.” “The only thing that worries me is their suffering, I don’t care about mine“, expressed a hurt Terelu.

Diego Arrabal He then asked if there was any way to stop this situation, to which Terelu replied: “I wish I had weapons because I would use them. You are already seeing it … What else can I tell you?” Alejandra Rubio, sitting on the set next to her mother, took the floor: “My grandmother is 80 years old. You have seen it, right? A little bit of respect. The poor thing does not open her mouth“.


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