Teralu Campos' 'racket' steals the Oscars - The Province

Teralu Campos' 'racket' steals the Oscars - The Province

Taking advantage of the media's expectation of gala of the Oscars 2019, Jessica Chastain, One of the great absentees, he was promoting his latest work on his Instagram account. Up there all normal. Until it appeared Terelu Campos.

The actress He was talking about his series for Amazon Prime, Lorena, which tells the story of a battered woman who cuts off her husband's penis in revenge. It was then when to give more emphasis to his story Chastain decided to add a gif to his Instagram story, choosing neither more nor less than Our Terelu taking a truncheon to her mouth.

The moment of Las Campos was the most commented in our country, making many jokes about it and even showing its protagonist discontent over the criticism received. What the daughter of María Teresa Campos could never imagine is that his famous 'porrazo' would cross the puddle and would give the hand to the world, even reaching the mobile of one of Hollywood's most famous actresses.

A funny homage of the most natural that made the presenter trendig topic during the gala of the Oscars.


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