Tensions in the Middle East ballast Southeast Asian markets

The main Southeast Asian exchanges closed on Monday with red numbers as a result of rising tensions in the Middle East, which are generating instability in world oil prices.

The parquet floor of Bangkok was the one that suffered the most losses, with 1.66 percent, followed by those of Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh (financial capital of Vietnam) in an international context of enormous uncertainty after the US Army killed on Friday in Baghdad Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in a drone attack.

In Singapore, the stock market lost 19.96 points, 0.62 percent, and the Straits Times composite indicator closed with 3,218.86 units.

In Indonesia, Jakarta Square dropped 66.06 integers, 1.04 percent, and the JCI index ended with 6,257.40 points.

In Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange fell 13.62 units, 0.85 percent, and the selective KLCI closed with 1,597.76 integers.

In Thailand, the stock market fell 26.47 points, 1.66 percent, and the SET indicator closed with 1,568.50 units.

In the Philippines, the Manila Stock Exchange dropped 41.92 integers, 0.53 percent, and the PSEi index ended with 7,797.87 points.

In Vietnam, the VN index of the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (former Saigon) closed at 955.79 units after subtracting 9.35 integers or 0.97 percent.


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