Tension in New York in the protests in support of Kyrie Irving

A protester confronts one of the Brooklyn Nets security.

Dozens of people gathered tonight in front of the Brooklyn Nets NBA team pavilion to show their support for the player Kyrie Irving, whose franchise does not allow you to play matches while you are not vaccinated against covid-19.

The New York City mandate requires vaccinations for professional athletes who play for a local team.

The protesters displayed banners in support of Irving, who has justified his decision not to get vaccinated on various conspiracy theories. The base, who has also stood out for his militancy in anti-racist movements, He is also a staunch defender of 'flat earth', which ensures that the Earth is flat.

Tension flared after Brooklyn Nets security members cut off the protesters to prevent them from entering the pavilion. They also protested the New York vaccination mandate.

In the game, which started without delay, point guard LaMelo Ball needed just three quarters to help the Charlotte Hornets to a 95-111 road win over the Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Durant scored 38 points as the leader of the Nets, who have fallen to 1-2 so far this season. Guard James Harden had 15 points, eight assists and seven rebounds for Brooklyn.


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