Tension between Enric Juliana and Lluís Orriols in 'Al rojo vivo': "You do it with a desire to polemicize"

Enric Juliana and Lluís Orriols in & # 039; Al rojo vivo & # 039 ;.

Enric Juliana and Lluís Orriols in 'Al rojo vivo'.

The sixth has published this Friday, March 26, the first installment of its barometer on the next elections in the Madrid's community. According to this survey, Isabel Diaz Ayuso would be the winner by obtaining 59 seats, a result that would allow it to govern with the sum of the seats of Vox, which would reach 14. The PSOE would get 38, while Más Madrid would be at 15 and United we can in the 10.

This barometer has been the trigger for a tense debate between Enric Juliana Y Lluís Orriols in 'Red hot'. The first has argued that the results are "a slap to the left", because "the PSOE does not improve positions in percentage of vote, it takes 26% in the survey and it took 27.3% in the elections of two and a half years ago."

"I'm sorry to contradict the political scientists of this country. It is argued, in a false way, that the fragmentation of the left is a positive factor in the Madrid elections. It is not true, and there are the numbers, "added the journalist.

A few seconds later, he has again questioned the role of these specialists: "I am very sorry for political scientists, but the concept of fragmentation equals advantage ... It is a false theory expanded with much enthusiasm. I'm afraid the results will disprove it. "

By allusions, Lluís Orriols has responded visibly annoyed: "I know that you do it with a desire to argue, but this nihilistic discourse of political scientists ... Political scientists know one thing. Electoral systems generate two effects, one mechanical and the other psychological. You are confusing the two things, political scientists talk about mechanical effects. "

"You are like the plumbers of politics, to understand each other", Juliana has pointed out with a laugh, a reaction that Orriols has made her ugly: "I don't know, ridicule like that ... Anyway". "I do not ridicule, I polemicize, because I have been listening to the same song for two years," replied the tertullian.

The political scientist has maintained his position, affirming that Juliana was "confusing the two effects." "When we talk about the division not penalizing in Madrid, it is because the mechanical effects do not penalize. That the same vows go together or separately is harmless. You go to the psychological effects, "he reasoned." I would call them political. I prefer to talk about politics, that in this country little is spoken. They talk about emotions, mechanics, but they don't talk about politics", has dropped the interlocutor.


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