Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Tense rifirrafe between Albert Rivera and an independentista in 'El Objetivo'

Tenso rifirrafe entre Albert Rivera y un independentista en ‘El Objetivo’

The visit of Albert Rivera in
The objective
of Ana Pastor was marked by tension. The final straight to the general election of 28-A is approaching, and the leader of Citizens is clear on its position on many issues, mainly on the issue of procés. Therefore, when one of the members of the public attending the space declares independence and tries to put on the ropes to the politician of the orange formation, he does not hesitate to answer with forcefulness.

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The row that was lived in LaSexta between Rivera and an economist who supports the procés, ended in tension and in an exchange of taunts. It all started when the pro-independence leader had the Citizens' president.

Albert Rivera to an independentista in 'El Objetivo': 'You live in Matrix'

Albert Rivera to an independentista in 'El Objetivo': 'You live in Matrix'

"He is no longer Albert Rivera, now the candidate is Alberto Carlos Rivera, as a Brazilian singer", Said the economist Josep Lluís Ortiz, making clear his position on the independence of Catalonia. In fact, the citizen who came to El Objetivo as a public was wearing a yellow tie on his clothing and did not hesitate to ask: "For the 2.5 million Catalans that we voted on on October 1 will have some solution or Will it look the other way, prohibiting freedom of expression and human rights?"

To which Rivera replied jokingly: "I do not know in what country you live. It seems he lives in The Matrix. "

Albert Rivera faces the questions of the public in 'El Objetivo'

Albert Rivera faces the questions of the public in 'El Objetivo'

"He says that Spain does not respect freedom of expression and is here on a national TV with a yellow ribbon and I have not said anything", Continued Rivera. "Only missing," snapped the independence. "What happened on October 1 was a coup, I was not legally called. But what I want is to live in a country that nobody raises borders between compatriots. I do not like that Catalonia split in two. I do not want violence in the headquarters of the parties", Citizen continued.

"I've lost friendships, of neighbors because the coexistence has been broken. I want to unite the Catalans with each other and with Spain. If they want to stop being Spanish, they have to propose a constitutional reform but respecting the rules of the game, "Rivera concluded. Although the last taunt was coming. The economist sentenced with a: "Maybe he has to have a bit of self-criticism and make him look" This was the moment of tension.

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