Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Tense reunion between Anabel Alonso and Fran Rivera after their war on Twitter

Tension on the set of
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this morning to meet the actress live Anabel Alonso and the bullfighter Fran rivera. Both had starred in a tense
reunion after starring in a sounding row in Twitter months ago following a statement of the bullfighter about the suicide of an Iveco worker after spreading a video of sexual content Throughout the company.

Has been Susanna Griso who has opened the box of thunder by highlighting the "belligerent" profile that Anabel Alonso has recently acquired on the social network Twitter, which he has described as "scourge of the right." The actress quickly replied that she believes "it can be debated but without going into insult."

Bronca in the reunion between Anabel Alonso and Fran Rivera

Bronca in the reunion between Anabel Alonso and Fran Rivera

Fran Rivera, who seemed to be waiting for the slightest to jump, has not taken a second to reply: “You do too. You go into personal insult and despise the person for a prejudice you have. You put me in a group of abusive and macho men. I understand that it is an insult when you don't know me at all. ”

The message Rivera referred to referred to the statements made on May 29 in

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in which he assured that he recommended that his daughter never send videos of a sexual nature to strangers because "you are left to a third party". And he concluded by saying that "it is not for men to make a video like this viral, but men, and I am a man and I say it, we are not able to have such a video and not teach it."

Anabel Alonso's response on Twitter was as follows: "Let's see, Fran, you mean men like you." This response has been the trigger that has involved both guests in the Antena 3 program. The bullfighter has insisted that he spoke of men "generalizing" and without accusing anyone. And he has accused Alonso of "getting into that group."

Anabel Alonso on the other hand has not given her arm to twist and has again taught the bullfighter's tweet by reading it aloud. “In the group you got yourself alone”, the actress insisted while Susanna Griso tried to mediate without much success ensuring that Rivera's intentions were perhaps misunderstood by Alonso.

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