August 3, 2021

Tens of thousands of people demonstrate in Berlin against racism

Tens of thousands of people demonstrate in Berlin against racism

Tens of thousands of people demonstrate in the center of Berlin against racism and in favor of an open society in an act that is expected to attend at least 40,000 people and is supported by numerous organizations, associations, parties and prominent German personalities.

The demonstration was called by the alliance "Unteilbar" ("Indivisible") under the slogan "For an open and free society: solidarity instead of exclusion", for protests against the harassment of the extreme right, discrimination, the death of immigrants in waters of the Mediterranean and social cuts.

The protest began at noon (10.00 GMT) on Alexanderplatz and was set in motion an hour later to tour several central streets and pass through the Potsdamer Platz, the Brandenburg Gate, until reaching the Victory Column, where place a final act with musical performances.

The protesters carry banners with slogans such as: "You are more alien to us than any refugee", "Unicorns are against racism, be a unicorn", "No to harassment of Muslims", "Racism is not an alternative" and " Together against the politics of fear. "

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Social Democrat Heiko Maas, described as "extraordinary message that so many people go out and show a clear position", that society is indivisible.

"We do not let ourselves be divided, much less by right-wing populists," the minister told the media group Funke.

Most people in Germany are in favor of tolerance, said Maas, adding that "a new nationalism does not solve a single problem" and recalled that diversity in society in terms of origin, skin color, religion and way of life is an enrichment, not a threat.

Among those who have also expressed support for the demonstration are organizations such as Amnesty International, the Central Council of Muslims, local refugee support groups and German personalities such as the Die Ärzte group, the singer Herbert Grönemeyer, who will perform on stage , the actor Benno Fürmann and the humorist Jan Böhmermann.

In addition to the Social Democrats, representatives of other political parties such as the Greens and the Left have also joined the protest.


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