Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Tennis player Roberto Bautista talks about the drama he lived in the Davis final

Tennis player Roberto Bautista He became the hero of the Spanish team in the end of the Davis cup
after winning a decisive match hours after suffering the death from his father. He tennis player He told his heartbreaking story on the set of
The Anthill
in an interview that thrilled Pablo Motos And to the spectators.

The guest of the night lived one of the hardest weeks after suffering an irreparable loss and decided to return to the Spanish team to win the coveted trophy. He explained that a key person in that trance was Rafa Nadal, of whom he said "That spread a desire to win, a desire for improvement, a spark that pushes everyone".

'El Hormiguero': Roberto Bautista recalled the emotional words that Rafa Nadal dedicated to him

'El Hormiguero': Roberto Bautista recalled the emotional words that Rafa Nadal dedicated to him

The Mallorcan also had words for his partner, making it clear that he was the true hero of the team at such a delicate moment. "Here the person who has been vital is Roberto, is an example for the rest of my life", Rafa said after the final. After remembering that moment, Pablo Motos wanted to honor his interviewee making it clear that being the hero of Rafa Nadal makes him the hero of many more people.

His wedding six days after his father died

The guest of The Anthill he remembered that, life paradoxes, only six days after losing his father lived one of the happiest days of his life. Baptist He decided to keep his wedding date with his partner in a ceremony full of feeling. He explained that due to his busy schedule, it was one of the few dates he had left to do so.

It was Ana, his partner, who left the door open to suspend the link due to the critical situation he was living. Far from doing so, Roberto continued with her as a gift for his father. In addition, he acknowledged that during the event got drunk for the first time, something that surprised all family and friends, who did not give credit. As an anecdote, he explained that the next day he also lived his first hangover, making it clear that it was very hard because he was “fatal”.

The night in The Anthill ended with the return of Keller, the collaborator who only a few days before was about suffer a serious accident with fire during one of the experiments of the program For the occasion, Marron introduced him as Cristalito Man and his mission was to test a tempered glass panel. Although finally it fell from a considerable height, it was all part of the scientific evidence and it was unharmed from it.

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