October 28, 2020

Tenerife concentrates 73.5% of the new virus outbreaks in the Islands

A group of people walks down a street in Tenerife

A group of people walk down a street in Tenerife
Maria Pisaca

The autonomous community This last week has registered 49 new outbreaks of Covid-19, of which 73.5% –36– are concentrated in Tenerife; eight in Gran Canaria; three in Lanzarote and one in El Hierro. It should be noted that these bulbs affect 335 people, of which 30 have required hospital admission and four have died. This was reported yesterday by the Regional Ministry of Health of the Executive, on a day in which the Archipelago added 64 detections of the pathogen.

Regarding the area in which the new outbreaks have occurred, it must be said that a score is from work environment (two of them in La Candelaria, one is nosocomial, while the other occurred among non-health personnel); 18 are family-related; seven correspond to the social environment; three to migrants arrived by boat; and one belongs to a nursing home. Likewise, in most work and social outbreaks there are ramifications to the family environment.

Few associated tables

Most of the foci have few associated cases, although of the total, four – notified in Tenerife – exceed 15 cases, two of them being social / family and the other two work / family. In addition, epidemiological monitoring of the 24 outbreaks that had already been declared in the previous weeks is being maintained.

As regards the two hospital outbreaks notified in the Our Lady of Candelaria University Hospital It should be noted that they affect eight people. One of them includes five cases, of which the death of a person must be lamented and has had ramification towards the family sphere; while the other affects three non-health workers.

On the other hand, of the four outbreaks detected in the Insular-Maternal-Infant University Hospital Complex, two of them have been closed and the other two remain inactive by not registering more associated cases.

Likewise, the 64 new infections confirmed yesterday already represent a cumulative 15,301 positive diagnoses in Covid-19 in the Islands, since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 6,587 remain active. In addition, in the last 24 hours there were two deaths. The victims are a man and a woman who remained admitted to Tenerife and that they suffered from multiple pathologies. These new deaths bring to 251 the deaths that have occurred in the Archipelago since the beginning of this health crisis.


By islands, Gran Canaria has 8,126 accumulated cases, 27 new and 3,636 active; Tenerife has 4,984 accumulated cadres, 35 new and 2,819 active; Lanzarote, with 1,160 accumulated -three new and 65 active-; Fuerteventura places its accumulated at 709, when two cases came out of the statistics due to readjustment of the data, keeping the number of assets at 42; and La Gomera does not add new infections and accumulates 79 and 14 in progress.

Likewise, the number of accumulated cases in La Palma rises to 187, when a new one is registered, and the assets remain at two: while in El Hierro there has been no new case, so the accumulated are still estimated at 55 and assets in eight.

Regarding the epidemiological discharges, in the last hours 259 have been made, so the accumulated figure stands at 8,463.


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