Ten years since the beginning of the winter of Game of Thrones

Image of the cast of the series Game of Thrones that turns ten this weekend,

Image of the cast of the series Game of Thrones that turns ten this weekend,

It seems a lie, but this weekend marks ten years since the first episode of Game of Thrones. We said a lot about winter coming, but what we really wanted was for it to be spring so that HBO will give us a new installment of the famous fiction based on the books of George RR Martin. On April 17, 2011, the pilot episode aired and television would never be the same. A production on the line The Lord of the rings, but told with a dose of realism, a lot of sex and extremely violence. A brutal world that could pass byr the Middle Ages in any country in Europe, where wars and the murder of kings were the order of the day. (These similarities with history at the time of getting on the boom is something that Vikings knew how to see for example). The appearance of dragons, undead in icy lands and strange occult sects reminded us that we were not before a historical series. A decade later, Martin still has not finished writing the literary saga, but the series has long since decided that it was not going to wait for him to do so. I have already lost count of the years we have been waiting for the sixth volume of Song of ice and fire. At the beginning of everything, the spectators could be divided into two types of people: those who had read the books and those who had not. After the broadcast of the last episode, the division could be established between those who liked the ending and those who hated it. A controversy that Martin himself tried to settle, by ensuring that the outcome he has planned is not very different from what we had already seen on television.

HBO knew how to squeeze success so that each of the ten episodes of each season (the last two were a little shorter) had the greatest possible impact. It almost became a tradition that an important event occurred in the ninth episode. With each new installment, everything seemed to turn between Game of Thrones. And those who were not up to date were liable to encounter the odd spoiler in their daily conversations if they took too long to see the episode of the week. In the final stretch, we got into the habit of getting up early for the episode of the week almost simultaneously with viewers in the United States. The Internet became a whole minefield, where users raised 20,000 theories on the networks with the turn of the week. Something like this also happened with Lost and its end angered many fans, who had not seen the outcome coming. Although it cannot be said that that final turn of Game of Thrones did not raise anything that was already there latent from the beginning of the series. It is the perfect time to check it out, as HBO is encouraging its subscribers to celebrate the anniversary with good marathons from its eight seasons.

With Game of Thrones we learned that you shouldn’t be fond of any character. A lesson that he taught us by fire from the first season. After that, we literally came to fear for the lives of our favorite characters. And when we believed that what they had done to us could not be overcome, it came the Red Wedding proving that there can always be a twist even more beast. The war between the Starks and the Lannisters control of the Seven Kingdoms took a new turn when the Targaryen with their dragons on stage.

It seemed that new projects based on the Game of Thrones universe were going to arrive right away, having swept audiences with its controversial final episode. But it has not been that way. The prequel that was going to starr Naomi Watts It was canceled, as the executives of the payment chain were not convinced of the result of its pilot chapter. A decision that we do not know if it was hasty because the first editing of the inaugural chapter of Game of Thrones did not do it in its day and then it does not seem that it has gone wrong. The canceled project has been replaced by another titled House of the Dragon, which will focus on the origins of the Targaryen house, 300 years before A Song of Ice and Fire and which could see the light sometime in the next 2022. The start of filming was scheduled for this month.

HBO does not seem willing to give up one of its golden chickens. There are three more series underway, although it would not be ruled out that some of them fell along the way. The other project that the network wants to give priority to is the adaptation of another of Martin’s books set in the universe of the Seven Kingdoms, “The Tales of Dunk and Egg“, a volume that compiles several short stories of the adventures of a knight and his squire through the lands of Westeros, some ninety years after Ned Stark’s head ended up impaled on a spear. The other three series are: 9 Voyages / Sea Snake, which will tell the adventures of the lord commander of Rhaenys Targaryen’s royal guard, Lord Coryls, whose nautical adventures allowed him to be one of the wealthiest people in Westeros; Flea Bottom, set in the most powerful districts of King’s Landing; Y 10,000 Ships set in the kingdom of Dorne and whose protagonist will be the country’s founder, Princess Nymeria.

If the projects come to fruition, it seems that we will have Game of Thrones for a while. Many series have tried to occupy his legacy in the field of television fantasy. From HBO itself that it tried to replace with Westworld or adaptations of Dark matter. But Netflix has also had its own attempt to create a medieval fantasy series, with The Witcher. The result may have been much lower than that of Game of Thrones, but at least it has served to calm the monkey and the second season will arrive shortly. Amazon Against all odds, he continues with his adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, which could reach our screens by the end of the year. For their part, the architects of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and DB Weiss, They signed an exclusive contract for Netflix, so juicy with the one signed in its day with Shonda Rimes and Ryan Murphy, about 200 million dollars and they have several titles in their portfolio. From the adaptation of the trilogy of Chinese novels by Liu Cixin The three-body problem, a project that has not been without controversy due to the author’s adherence to the Chinese Communist Party, to The Chair a comedy starring Sandra Oh (Killing Eve, Grey’s Anatomy) and another title with Hugh jackman titled protagonist The overstay. The panorama of digital platforms has grown a lot during these ten years, in which another great competitor has recently joined: Disney. The media giant is clear that they do not need their Game of Thrones, because with the Star Wars and Marvel universes they have enough material to mark distances with the competition.


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