April 14, 2021

Ten years in prison for sexual abuse and ill-treatment of two children of his girlfriend – La Provincia

The Provincial Court has sentenced a man to ten years of imprisonment for sexual abuse and ill-treatment of the two children of his partner, a boy and a girl who were between three and five years old, in Palma. The court condemns the mother for witnessing the attacks without doing anything to avoid them, but acquits her of knowing and not preventing the violations of the girl. The sentence concludes that the defendant plunged the children into "a climate of terror", who suffer important consequences that are probably "irreparable."

The events occurred at the home of Palma where the couple and her two children lived together. The defendant, of 33 years old, he usually shouted and assaulted the children, whom he gave punches and punches and came to throw to the ground, as stated in the judgment of the first section of the Court. The magistrates detail that on one occasion it caused a fracture in the child's arm by throwing it to the ground and that in 2016 He was already sentenced for a serious assault on the boy, whom he hit on the head.

The ruling highlights the fear that the two victims had, who lived "in a climate of terror" for these attacks. The mother knew these ill-treatment of her children and even witnessed many episodes without doing anything to prevent them, The judges conclude.

The girl, in addition to physical aggressions, suffered continued sexual abuse by his stepfather when he was between 4 and 5 years old. The man, when they were left alone in the house, undressed her and subjected her to all kinds of sexual practices. The court does not consider it proven that the mother was up to date and tolerated these abuses.
The two children did not receive adequate food and went to school poorly groomed. The social services ended up acting and in April 2014, after the boy arrived at the school with a heavy blow to the head, the couple was arrested and the Consell assumed the guardianship of the two brothers.

During the trial, held behind closed doors, the two defendants denied all the accusations. The court takes as main proof of charge the judicial statements of the two children, in which they detailed the episodes of abuse and sexual abuse. The reports issued by the Consell technicians highlight the sexualized behavior of the girl and the aggressive behavior of the boy. The judges conclude that the two minors suffer important sequelae for which they have required therapeutic treatment. "These are two unstructured minors, very damaged […] and it cannot be ruled out that, most likely, they are unrecoverable," the sentence states.

The ruling considers the man the author of a continued crime of sexual abuse, for which he imposes seven years in prison, and another of habitual abuse, punishable by three years in prison. The mother is considered responsible for the crime of ill-treatment in the form of commission by omission. In addition, the sentence It imposes a restraining order on children and orders them to compensate them with a total of 40,000 euros. The ruling can be appealed.


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