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Ten tricks to make ends meet and save some money

Ten tricks to make ends meet and save some money


86.6% of Spaniards with incomes have a lower income of 30,000 euros per year, so they find it "practically impossible" to save at the end of the month against four million that could save, according to data provided by the technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) on the occasion of World Savings Day. In addition, those who manage to save because their salary allows it, they do it in order to have money for unforeseen events that may arise and thus avoid being exposed, according to a study by Ofertia. Another noteworthy fact about this report is that practically all of it saves on its own, without going to agencies, consultancies or entities. Regarding the use of technology to promote savings, the majority of respondents show reluctance.

Against this background and on the occasion of World Savings Day, we compile ten tricks to get to the end of the month and save some money:

1. Make a budget. Calculate the average of the monthly fixed expenses and subtract them from the income is essential to know the amount from which you can leave. «It is important to understand that saving is a deferred expense and that having a mattress for unexpected events reduces our level of stress. Whenever we think about saving we associate it with large quantities, but it is an error: we can start saving 20 or 50 euros, in the long term the small amounts become important. The key is to establish routines, "says Miguel Camiña, co-founder of Micappital.

2. Reduce our energy consumption. Heating is one of the most important expenses of the energy bill. Isolate the home, use the optimal temperature and install a thermostat can be some of the measures to save in this game. The head of energy of, Álvaro Bas, adds that "although it can suppose a considerable saving in the energetic bill, the consumers still are reticent to change of company or to modify some conditions in his energetic contract".

3. Buy white brands and do not miss the offers. Spanish families can save an average of 31% in their shopping cart with the purchase of white label foods, according to analysis. The products in which you can find more price difference are beer (80%), meat products (61%) and water (38%). It is also advisable resort to the offers of the promotional catalogs of supermarkets and hypermarkets. The most frequent promotions are 70% and 50% discount in the second unit. The TiendeoPromotracking data reveals that the two-for-one and three-for-two offers also have a notable presence in the food catalogs with 12% and 6% respectively.

4. Choose second-hand items. «Buying second-hand items means an average saving of between 40 and 50%, depending on the state and age of the product», according to Milanuncios brand manager, Magalí Rey. In this sense, Magalí affirms that these figures may also vary depending on other factors such as the quantity of the particular item's offer or the vendor's urgency to close the transaction, since there are some products and sectors in which a price can be reached. Savings of up to 70%.

5. Compare prices. One of the main keys is to compare prices before acquiring any type of item or service as it may come to assume a saving of up to 50% on certain items. According to data from the platform, 62.3% of Spanish consumers usually compare prices before making any type of online purchase. "The Internet has revolutionized the buying habits of consumers around the world and allows them to purchase any type of product at any time and from any place, and facilitating the saving of family economies", says Adrián Amorín, manager in Spain of idealo .is.

6. Reduce the tax bill. Before the end of the year, it is advisable to carry out some actions to save for the Income statement. Among the tricks outlined by the General Council of Economists and the Union of Technicians of Finance (Gestha) are the following: exhaust the amount of 9,040 euros per year with an extraordinary amortization on the mortgage if you bought your house before 2013, contribute up to 8,000 to your pension plan, or make a donation to an NGO or foundation.

7. Choose the bank well. From the OCU advise opting for ATMs where no commission is paid, look for an account that does not charge commissions, choose a card that comes out profitable, invest well savings and review and claim mortgage expenses.

8. Internet and telephone contract. Throughout a year, a consumer who hires an Internet tariff in Spain will pay an average of 636 euros, 136.8 euros more than his European neighbors pay. This could be remedied if hires one of the cheapest rates in the market, with which the consumer could cut your bill by almost a third, up to 30%, say from the savings portal Kelisto.

9. Keep the car ready. Spaniards spend an average of 85 euros per month on vehicle maintenance, which is just over 1,000 euros a year, according to a study by Fintonic. In order to minimize this cost, Autingo recommends making preventive reviews at least on an annual basis and not skipping interventions recommended by manufacturers. In addition, changing the tires on time or adjusting the air will save most of the faults.

10. Invest what you can save. To take the step of becoming an investor, it is advisable to find a consultant to help you do it professionally and with a risk that suits you, advise the Micappital experts. It is also convenient to opt for liquid investments that you can undo if you need the money and diversified in funds from different countries to minimize the risks and increase your profitability.


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