August 3, 2020

Ten things you might not know about Stan Lee – The Province

At 95 years old Stan Lee, The creator of the best-known superheroes worldwide, has died this Monday. Revolutionized the world of comics and, years later, it started your own cinematographic universeor where he appeared on more than one occasion. Next, ten facts about Stan Lee that you probably did not know.

1. He debuted with 19 years

When Lee was still very young started working as a grantee for Timely Comics, owned by her cousin's husband. In fact, this company is today Marvel Comics. His first writing was a cartoon of Captain America of only two pages. At the time of signing, he changed his real name, Stanley Martin Lieber, by Stan Lee.

2. He joined the army in World War II

In 1942 he entered the US Army in the Signal Corps corps. Its purpose was, mainly, to repair equipment for communications. Later, he switched to the audiovisual department, which was mainly used for propaganda.

3. The names of their characters

Maybe you did not know, but the names of Lee's characters they have the same letter in both the name and the surname. Some of the most iconic superheroes can be Peter Parker (Spiderman), Reed Richards (Elastic Man), Stephen Strange (Dr. Strange), Green Goblin (Green Goblin) or Matt Murdock (Daredevil).

4. Adapted 'Romeo and Juliet'

Not only was he dedicated to superheroes, in fact, he adapted Shakespeare's classic 'Romeo and Juliet' to the comic.

5. Worked for DC

The names of actors that They have changed sides in the war between DC and Marvel There have been many, but Stan Lee was not left out. After retiring from his company, in the early 2000s, he made a series for DC. In them he gave a tour to such well-known characters of the company as 'Superman', 'Batman' or 'Wonder Woman'.

6. What would be your superpower?

Stan Lee answered the question of his fans about what would be the power he would choose if he could, that he would love it his power was luck. His answer was so original that it inspired a television series called 'Stan Lee's Lucky Man'.

7. Marvel films are the highest grossing in history

The movie 'The Avengers' was the fifth highest grossing film in history behind only 'Avatar', 'Titanic', 'Star Wars': the awakening of force and 'Jurassic World'. Even so, the cinematographic universe of Marvel is the cinematographic series with greater collection of the history with more than 11 million dollars.

8. 29 years of cameos

Since it began appearing in both movies and series of the franchise participated in a total of 46 films. 'Venom' was his last cameo. But it did not appear only in the Marvel movies. He also participated in 'The Big Bang Theory' or 'Princess by surprise 2'.

9. The shared universe

He was the creator of the Marvel cinematographic universe, where he interconnected all the stories that until then had had a single plot. Not that it was a new method, but his success was the anteroom to other so many cinematographic universes that are beginning at present.

10. Almost leaves the comics

'The Fantastic Four' was the way he had Stan Lee to complain to Timely Comics for asking him to use a simpler language in his cartoons. Not only refused, but also created the first superheroes who fought among themselves and had personal problems.


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