Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Ten species found only in Nicaragua face extinction

Ten species of animals that are only found in Nicaragua face an extinction process, the Young Environmentalists Club reported Thursday.

Among the exclusive Nicaraguan species in danger of extinction are the island leopard frog and the island Anolis salamander, which are only found in the Corn Island archipelago, located in the Caribbean Sea.

There are also at risk two species of salamanders that are only seen in the Maderas or Mombacho volcanoes, one of the Indian river and another of the Saslaya hill, where the red leaf litter snake also grows, in addition to the arrowhead fish of the Laguna de Apoyo.

The list of exclusive species of Nicaragua in danger of extinction is completed by the Nicaraguan endemic squirrel and the endemic rice rat of the Rama.

According to the representative of the Young Environmentalists Club, Raomir Manzanares, the species are in danger of extinction because the human being is ending their habitats.

"It is not an ecological crisis, it is a crisis of political will to take care of what we have," Manzanares said at a press conference.

The list of animals at risk of disappearing in Nicaragua, presented today, has a total of 42 species, of which 17 are mammals, 13 of the herpetofauna or crawling animals, 8 birds and 4 fish, detailed the Club member of Young, Sasha Gutierrez.

The list of mammals include jaguar, anteater, manatee and seven species of bats.

In the herpetofauna, the endemic salamanders and hawksbill sea turtles and tora stand out, among the birds stand out the harpy eagle, the quetzal and the red or green barnacles, while in the fish the bull shark, and the sawfish.

Although Nicaragua has more than 20,000 species of fauna, the Youth Club warned that the loss of a single one can have effects on the economy, because with it the balance of ecosystems is lost.

The spokesman for the environmental organization, Rafael Estrada, stressed that the Club will immediately start an education campaign for the conservation of animals in danger of extinction, which will take the bell bird, the mountain salamander, the fish as "flag species" mojarra and the pig of mount.

More than 1,200 species were assessed before concluding the 42 endangered list, which is certified by the Red Amphibian List Authority and the Global Wildlife Conservation Organization (GWC), the Club said.

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