January 26, 2021

Ten people die due to heavy rains in Sicily

Ten people die due to heavy rains in Sicily

Ten people have died this morning in the Italian island of Sicily (south) as a result of heavy rains and bad weather that have plagued the country for more than a week and keep several regions on alert.

Nine died in the town of Casteldaccia and the tenth in Vicari, both in the province of Palermo, and add to the at least fifteen deaths that the storm has left in Italy in the last week.

In the town of Casteldaccia, nine members of two families formed by twelve people between grandparents, parents and children died after the Milicia River overflowed and flooded the house in which they were, as explained by the mayor of this municipality, Giovanni di Giacinto, to the media.

One of the adults and a girl were saved because they had gone out moments before to go buy some food, while out of the ten that remained in the house there was another survivor who managed to get to safety by climbing a tree.

To these nine victims is added a tenth in the town of Vicari, also in the province of Palermo, where the body of Alessandro Scavone, 44, was found early this morning, local media reported.


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