August 8, 2020

Ten members of a narco-band from Vallecas will be judged today

The Provincial Court of Madrid will judge from today ten alleged members of a gang dedicated to the sale of drugs, mainly cocaine and heroin, in eight narco-piles illegally occupied in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas, according to the Superior Court of Justice of the Community.

The Prosecutor's Office requests in its provisional findings seven years and three months of imprisonment for the two alleged leaders of the group and five years and three months for the rest of the gang members, to whom it attributes a crime against public health and another belonging to the gang. a criminal group.

According to the Public Ministry, the defendants sold different types of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana and hashish, inside real estate, known as "black spots" or "narcophones," which were illegally occupied and controlled by one or more Africans

The narco-rings were located on Albufera Avenue, in the streets of Puerto de Almansa, Luis López, Salvador Martínez Lozano (where they had two), Eduardo Sanz, Sierra de la Estrella and José Serrano.


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