May 31, 2020

Ten highly addictive books to keep reading in summer – The Province

Reading is one of the most comforting pleasures we have at our disposal: feed our mind and imagination, we entertain long hours, does not need large financial outlays …

A good book can become the best companion, especially when on vacation we have more free time and we are more rested, something that favors good readiness. If during the year you have accumulated much desire to read, it's time to take a position on the lounger, the towel or the couch and stuff yourself with some of the most addictive works.

'All this I will give you', Dolores Redondo (Editorial Planeta)

A black novel that will catch you from the beginning to the end. Everything begins when Manuel, receives the terrible news that her husband has suffered a fatal accident in Galicia. When the widower goes to the Ribeira Sacra to recognize the body, he discovers that the investigation into the death It has closed too quickly and few explanations.

The protagonist will be forced to look for the truth, in a place of strong beliefs and ingrained customs in which the logic never ends to tie all the ends.

'An almost perfect couple', Marian Keyes (Editorial: Plaza & janes)

The last work of the Irish writer arrives willing to satisfy her fans. A romantic history, full of moments of the most hilarious and of adorable characters that connect with the feelings of the reader.

One day, the perfect Hugh tells his wife Amy that he needs Take six months of disconnection to travel the world and experience. And, although she assures that after this period she will return home and everything will continue as usual, Amy fears that her departure will mark an end point in their relationship.

'Where the scorpions', Lorenzo Silva (Editorial Destino)

A crime to solve at 6,000 kilometers from home leads to the subient Bevilacqua to Afghanistan: there a Spanish soldier has appeared degollado. His investigations, under the torrid and dusty Afghan summer, will take you to meet quirky characters and to enter into the life of the deceased, a veteran of warlike missions who keeps more than one corpse in the closet, to arrive at an unexpected and surprising end.

'The tree and the vine', Dola de Jong (Editorial Siruela)

This work, which was published in 1954, narrates with great subtlety the complex and intense relationship between two very different women. A romance that is doomed to failure from its inception by their differences of character and the difficulty of their love in the interwar period.

'What Alice forgot', Liane Moriarty (DeBolsillo)

What would you feel if you woke up and Would you have forgotten the last ten years of your life? After suffering a slight accident, Alice wakes up in white: she has erased the last decade of her life from her head.

Little by little, small pills from your past will return to your consciousness and they will force Alice to face her reality, although sometimes, losing her memory may be the best way to live happier.

'Flowers over hell', Ilaria Tuti (Alfaguara)

The thriller of the year in Italy. Something scary is happening in the mountains: a newborn has disappeared and a mysterious shadow wanders through the woods. The police station Teresa Battaglia, specialist in criminal profiles, should shed light on the investigation. However, lately note that his lucidity is at risk, as can the resolution of the case.

'How is the pain?', Pascal Garnier (Editorial Alba)

As this novel begins at the end, we are not afraid to reveal it: in a hotel room in a spa town in the south of France, A sick and tired man hangs himself helped by a young man.

Six days before, Simon Marechall, who introduces himself as the owner of a deratization company about to retire, meets Bernard in a park, who is not yet twenty-two years old and is recovering from an accident at work. Together they will start a journey full of strange incidents, accidental passengers and dangerous destinations.

'The night when two colors were hated', Jose Luis Correa (Editorial Alba)

This book is the tenth installment of a saga where Ricardo Blanco and a group of characters reflect the daily life and the police world of a city that comes alive in these pages. The violence of events is combined with the humor, tenderness and the verb socarrón, sometimes poetic, of a character that is already part of our criminal imagination.

'Saturday, Sunday', Ray Loriga (Alfaguara)

This transgressive book, with a cinematographic approach won the Alfaguara novel prize 2017. The protagonist tells a terrible event that happened in his adolescence with a friend and a girl who had just met. Although he refuses to remember the past, two decades later, and after many bad decisions, suddenly hits his story when he casually talks to an unknown woman during a Halloween party.

'The Age of Light', Whitney Scharer (Salamander)

Lee Miller was a model of Vogue, muse of Man Ray, war reporter and artist during World War II but, even so, his story is almost unknown by the public. Through this work, Scharer gives the great photographer the well-deserved recognition that the time in which he had to live denied him.

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