January 25, 2021

Ten essential books to read this quarantine with your children – La Provincia

Reading is one of the great pleasures that exist, but also a great way to learn, to abstract ourselves, to travel without leaving home. Reading has many benefits in boys and girls, and also in adults, because they are not the only ones who are at the age to learn, or do we not learn something new every day?

Besides, the reading It has great benefits for our children: improves attention and memory, enhances your creativity, stimulates your curiosity and your imagination, expands their vocabulary, motivates their desire to learn new things, teaches them values, they learn to manage their emotions… And so we could go on for hours.

So today, on the occasion of book day, we bring you a list of 10 books Indispensable to read with your children, because, in addition, during this quarantine we have an incredible opportunity to approach them, and what better way to do it than through reading?

1.’The stories of Lucia, my pediatrician ‘

The well-known pediatrician Lucía Galán (Lucía, my pediatrician on social networks) has created this great compilation of stories for the kids in the house in which, through the stories of Lola, the protagonist, she explains the importance of vaccines or what is a constipated, among other super important topics such as infant feeding, sleep or fever. Topics that become even more relevant given the current situation.

2. ‘How cool taking care of the planet!’, By Carme Dolz

Respect for the environment and care for our planet is something that we have to instill in our children from a young age, especially considering that they will be the ones who will have to deal with the consequences of climate change in the future. . That is why this book is ideal to raise awareness among our little ones about the dangers of human action, as well as to introduce them to references and advice to carry out responsible behavior towards the environment.

3. ‘Great Mind. Tales for Geniuses’, by Begoña Ibarrola

In this compilation of stories, the psychologist Begoña Ibarrola It tells the story of 8 children who go on excursions to the farm and discover why each of them is a true genius. A wonderful book for children to learn about different types of intelligence, but also mothers and fathers, as it includes a guide for adults so they can identify and enhance multiple intelligences.

4. ‘Tales to love you better, by Álex Rovira and Francesc Miralles

Oh, self-esteem! How concerned we are about this … and rightly so. Mothers and fathers have a fundamental role in developing the self-esteem of our children, because the conception that children have in their first years of life depends solely and exclusively on what we, mothers and fathers, transmit to them. And one way to help them create and foster healthy and strong self-esteem is by reading books like this one. Essential for girls and boys to become safe, independent, respectful people (with themselves and with others).

5. ‘Good night tales for rebellious girls (1 and 2)’, by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

Here we bring you a double recommendation, because both the first and the second part of this compilation of stories are great for girls to meet many references of extraordinary women from around the world. In fact, these books have become a worldwide phenomenon. And it is that one of the fundamental factors for girls to believe that they can be whatever they want to be is, nothing more and nothing less, that they have examples of women who have succeeded.

6. ‘Retahílas of heaven and earth’, by Gianni Rodari

In this list of recommendations we cannot leave poetry aside, of course. In this wonderful book you can find Gianni Rodari’s poems marked by imagination, tenderness and a sense of humor.
An ideal way to promote a taste for poetry in the little ones at home, in addition to spending some time of the most entertaining.

7. ‘Feelings’, by Richard Jones and Libby Walden

The first step to learn to manage emotions is to name them, and for this our sons and daughters have to know them and know how to identify them. That is why emotional intelligence becomes so important, and even more so during quarantine, since both children and adults are experiencing a large number of emotions that we have to manage. That is why we recommend this book in which girls and boys will learn about happiness, jealousy, courage, shame or enthusiasm, among others.

8. ‘If I had a pick’, by Eva Clemente and Teresa Arias

Another topic that we must work on in our children is, without a doubt, assertiveness. Learn to say no, learn to express their feelings without hurting others, but not themselves. We also learn to respect and be respected, and reading can be our great ally in this challenge. So this book, in which the protagonist, Pepincho Repúa, wants to find friends to play raises a very important reflection: how much are you willing to pay to try to get them?

9. ‘Courage’, by Raina Telgemeier

And we can not forget those who are no longer so young, the preadolescents and adolescents who have to deal with the changes of age and all the uncertainty and anxiety that this entails. In this graphic novel, the protagonist suffers from stomach pains that she initially associated with an illness, but which have more to do with her way of somatizing her stress as she grows older. A highly recommended read on the importance of facing fear with courage and optimism.

10. ‘The Great Book of Super Powers’, by Susanna Isern

This quarantine can be an ideal time for our children to find hobbies and talents they did not know, to discover what they like to do or those activities for which they have a special talent. And this is the message this book sends us: we all have some talent, we just have to find it.


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