July 3, 2020

Ten documentaries compete in the International Environment Film Festival

A total of ten documentaries produced in Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, Luxembourg and the USA, compete in the official section of the XVI International Festival of Environmental Cinema of Barcelona, ​​which this year has changed its name to be called SUNCINE (The cinema of the sun).

The action documentary "Defend, Protect, Conserve", in which actor Dan Aykroyd narrates the follow-up of a mission of the NGO Sea Shepherd to prevent poaching of whales, opened the festival last night, which will be held until next 14 of November.

The festival has scheduled the screening of a hundred films, including some premieres in Europe, such as the documentary "Sea of ​​shadows", produced by Leonardo Di Caprio and directed by Austrian Richard Ladkani.

This film, which has won this year's public prize at the Sundance festival and will be screened at the closing of the SUNCINE at CosmoCaixa on the 14th, denounces the criminal plot that is causing the extinction of sea cows.

The festival, whose official section competes 10 documentaries that opt ​​for "Sol d'Or", will also premiere "Santuary", directed by Álvaro Longoria and starring Javier Bardem, produced by the Bardem brothers and inviting viewers to follow the history of an ambitious environmental protection initiative to create the world's largest marine sanctuary in the Antarctic Ocean.

The organizers of the festival have decided to grant this year a special "Sol d'or" to the NGO Earth League International for its fight against the extinction of sea cows, and will recognize the doc series "Scott i Milá" issued by Movistar + y presented by Mercedes Milá for "spreading environmental awareness from a television".

The festival, in addition to the brand new name, also opens a new section, "SUNCINE EDU" to screen films for children, and "SUNCINE FOR FUTURE" to promote environmental activism and against climate change.

Among the ten documentaries that participate in the contest of the official section include the Spanish "The code", directed by Carlos Caparrós, which explains the history of an international movement, led by the former Baltasar Garzón, who aspires to shape a new code so that actions such as speculating with food or contaminating are considered crimes against humanity.

Other competing documentaries are "Gaza" (Ireland), which documents the daily lives of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip when they are under siege, and "Patrimonio" (Mexico-USA), which explains the resistance of the inhabitants of All Santos, on the southern coast of the state of Baja California, to have a multinational build 5,000 homes in a municipality of only 6,000 inhabitants.

Argentina presents two films to the contest: "Andrés Carrasco, Disruptive Science", which recreates the story of a prestigious Argentine scientist who gave up his academic comfort by revealing the harmful effects of pesticides, and "Tree Sisters" (Argentina-India ), which explains the history of a community of women who are not afraid to give birth to girls and plant trees every time one is born.

The Indonesian documentary "Islands of Faith", which reveals the struggle of seven people of different religions against climate change, and "Tales of the river (Luxembourg), starring a teacher who writes a play for children in Nicaragua explaining the identity of the country through a river, are two other contestants in the SUNCINE 2019.

Produced in the United States, three documentaries compete: "Motherlad", which explains the story of a mother who implants the use of the bicycle; "The River and teh Vall", which is the adventure of five friends who travel 1,200 miles along the Rio Grande; and "Walking thunder," which portrays the story of a family of photographers who have documented the importance of the elephant in Africa.

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