Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Ten detainees in a demonstration of the "yellow vests" in Brussels

Ten detainees in a demonstration of the "yellow vests" in Brussels

Ten people were arrested today during a demonstration of the so-called "yellow vests" in the Belgian capital, where about 1,000 people gathered between a strong deployment of the police, which intermittently closed access to several areas of the city center.

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In addition, the police identified another 450 people, although they were not arrested, according to the local agency "Belgian" the prosecutor's office and the police in Brussels.

Most of the arrests were made for throwing objects against the agents and for carrying prohibited objects.

From the morning, the police cut the accesses for vehicles and pedestrians to the neighborhood of the European institutions, where they had planned to congregate the demonstrators, who were summoned through social networks.

This led to their dispersion in nearby areas, close to Belgian institutions and the Gare du Nord train station in the Belgian capital, where some protesters overturned vehicles and pulled traffic signals, reports the RTBF television network.

In the early afternoon, the demonstrators, mostly very young, moved only in small groups, closely watched by riot police patrols that outnumbered them and were accompanied by trucks with water cannons, as Efe was able to confirm. .

At this time calm has been restored.

The Belgian authorities had reinforced the police device, with troops from the federal, regional and local bodies, to avoid the disturbances registered in another manifestation of the "yellow vests" last week in Brussels.

In any case, the dimensions of the demonstration in the Belgian capital were much lower than those of today's demonstrations in France, where this movement was born and later spread to neighboring Belgium.

The demonstrations began in protest against the increase in the rates of fuel in France, but the demands have been extended to demands such as an increase in salaries, more measures of democratic control or an improvement in public services.

In fact, the Belgian government decided yesterday not to raise the prices of diesel and gasoline in 2019 after meeting with representatives of the "yellow vests" this week, but the measure has not been enough to avoid the demonstration.


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