Ten curiosities of Mickey Mouse to celebrate its 90 years

Disney's most famous character, Mickey Mouse, turns 90this Saturday, November 18. Its anniversary has meant that a great variety of initiatives are being carried out all over the world, besides the chainDisney Channel is going to broadcast a special programabout the protagonist of more than 100 animated shorts.Here are ten curiosities about our beloved Mickey:

1. The anniversary of Mickey Mouse is November 18to commemorate the premiere of 'Steam Willie'in 1928 at the 'Colony Theater of New York' which was the first short film that combined music and sound.

2. The famous mousewas the first to be the first Disney licensed character in 1929. It appeared in a notebook and from then on it has not stopped being present.

3.Walt Disney received a special prizeof the Film Academy located in Hollywood thanks to the creation of Mickey.

4. It was created on a train trip from Walt Disney and su initial name was Mortimer, but he changed it because his wife asked him to.

5. In 1955 they began to seethe first hats with Mickey earsthat are still taking away.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse / Getty Images

6. Many famous artists included the mouse in their works asAndy Warhol, John Fawcet and Roy Lichestein.

7. In the year 1978, the rodent got to be the first animated character to obtain a star in theHollywood walk of fame.

8Mickey's white glovesthey began to be part of their clothing after the premiere of the short film'The Opry House'because his black body was used to distinguish his hands.

9.The mouse appears as a soldier in the warin his fourth short film, something quite strange and unusual in this character.

10. Currently, Mickey Mouseinspires many people and use it in all kinds of products. This mouse never goes out of fashion, in fact, brands such as Zara, Bershka, Mango, Pull & Bear continue to draw collections inspired by it.


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