May 16, 2021

Ten autonomous communities come to Euskadi to learn about their dual training

Ten autonomous communities come to Euskadi to learn about their dual training

Representatives of 10 autonomous communities have come to the Basque Country today to learn about their dual university training model that allows 22 degrees to be developed in Euskadi through this system that links university and business so that scientific knowledge is transferred to the business world and training specialized staff.

The meeting, held at the headquarters of the Basque Government in Vitoria, was attended by members of the governments of Aragon, Asturias, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, La Rioja, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra and Valencia.

Both the Basque Minister of Education, Cristina Uriarte, and the Deputy Minister of Universities and Research, Adolfo Morais, thanked those responsible for the university policies of these ten autonomies for their interest in this Basque system that began operating in June 2017.

Currently, in the 2018-2019 academic year, Euskadi has 22 university degrees with dual mention, 15 degrees and 7 master's degrees.

The Basque Government has indicated that following the requests received from the autonomous communities concerned, this meeting entitled "Closing links between the world of work and higher education" has been organized.

The Deputy Minister has exposed attendees the progress made in recent years with this strategy that seeks on the one hand to create and transfer scientific knowledge to apply in the business field and, on the other, to form human capital with high capabilities, also adapted to the needs of the different companies.

In July 2017, the "4Gune Training Cluster in Engineering, Science and Technology of Euskadi" was created, in order to promote collaboration between faculties and schools with companies. Thus began to create dual degrees and masters from this academic year and for the next is expected to be 24 degrees with dual mention.

The first Basque program of "Enterprise + University" classrooms aimed at university students of different levels has also been explained to attendees, and examples of dual training have been set up, such as those developed at the Machine Tool Institute (IMH) and at the School of Engineering of Vitoria.


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