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Ten artists that devastated with a single song – La Provincia

There is songs that we have all sung and danced given the great success they obtained. Topics that remain forever for the memory and with which their interpreters triumphed. Of course, in the cases in which we are going to stop it was an ephemeral success. Despite becoming the most played themes at the time, they did not serve to launch the musical career of those who sang them. And there is a whole list of artists who triumphed with a single song and those who did not know anything else.

'My Sharona', by The Knack in 1979

Rare is the one who has not sung the lyrics of this theme in the late 70s. The Knach group was the architect of the mythical 'My sharona', but despite leading the sales charts for weeks around the world, the group did not move forward and was dissolved in 1982.

'Nothing's gonna change my love for you', by Glenn Medeiros in 1987

This theme of the late 80's is a classic. Its creator was the Hawaiian Glenn Medeiros. Although their chords continue to sound, this was the only subject of that performer. Medeiros also tried to version his song in Spanish, under the title 'Nothing will change my love for you'.

'Would I lie to you?' By Charles & Eddie in 1992

1992 was the year in which this subject triumphed. His melody, the most catchy, made a whole generation dance and is still remembered today. This is the first album of this duet, with which they achieved success. Luck did not accompany them in their second job and the group separated.

'Bitch', Meredith Brooks in 1997

Remembering the very same Alanis Morissette this American stormed the women's market rockers. His song 'Bitch' became a whole hymn and was hummed by millions of people. Meredith Brooks even managed to be Grammy nominee but there was all his success.

'Tubthumping', from Chumbawamba in 1997

In spite of the unpronounceable name, this theme is a hymn. Rare is the one who listens to their chords and does not identify this 1997 theme.

'Train', in Undrop in 1998

Another mythical theme with which it is inevitable not to dance. Was the theme chosen for the advertising campaign of a well-known soda and his lyrics and rhythm hooked the audience of the moment.

'Aserejé', by Las Ketchup in 2000

In Spain, the success of these young women from Huelva was born. The chords of 'Aserejé', as well as his choreography, went around the world. Their singers were the Múñoz sisters, who watched as their song reached the top. After several attempts to relaunch his musical careers, The ketchup they had to accept that their success had remained with the 'Aserejé'.

'Are you gonna be my girl', by Jet in 2003

These Australians were compared to bands like AC / DC thanks to the success of their theme 'Are you gonna be my girl'. The chords of this song are identified as soon as they begin to sound given the success that they reaped in their day. Despite all the hopes placed on them the band failed to curdle.

'You're beautiful', by James Blunt in 2004

This song became the most played of 2004. Rare was the site and the day this song was not heard. James Blunt occupied covers, granted interviews and did not stop offering concerts and although still known has failed to repeat the success of 'You're beautiful'.

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