February 26, 2021

Ten arguments, explained by a doctor, to defend the coronavirus vaccine

Science has been showing us for years (centuries!) That vaccinations they are the most important preventive tool of the history of mankind. Vaccines have been the partial or total solutions to many misfortunes that have plagued the Health of human beings: the eradication of smallpox, the control of polio, the containment of influenza epidemics … There are numerous examples of how the role of vaccines has been key for the interruption of the chain of transmission of many infectious diseases.

The need to incorporate new strategies.

We have been watching for 10 months how the coronavirus spreads throughout the world, devastates the most vulnerable populations, destroys families … We know that the behavior of the virus is not going to change, nor is it going to become “better” or ” weaken”. Hand hygiene, extended use of the mask and social distancing are essential measures, but they are not enough. We must incorporate vaccines into this equation if we want the result to be positive.

Vaccines against Covid work.

There have been many candidate vaccines to protect us against coronavirus, but only a few, at the moment, are achieving satisfactory results. The approved vaccines that are already being administered to large populations work, they protect, they are showing that people who are vaccinated suffer from COVID-19 to a lesser extent.

Vaccines against Covid-19 have a good safety profile

Many people believe that the rapid pace of development of vaccines against COVID-19 may have compromised their safety. This thinking is wrong. That we can have the solution to this pandemic at our fingertips in a short time is thanks to the prioritization of the effort and joint work of scientists, public administrations, drug regulatory agencies and vaccine manufacturers, without compromising vaccine safety in any way. When all those involved work on the same line and with the same intensity, problems are solved earlier.

Drug regulatory agencies working rigorously and responsibly

No regulatory agency would allow that the drugs or health products that are made available to the population could cause more harm than good. Ensure that each and every phase of the investigation process is met and drug development, monitoring manufacturing processes, verifying quality controls and monitoring in the short and long term the possible adverse effects of drugs, including vaccines, are some of its functions.

Getting vaccinated is an act of solidarity.

Many individual actions solve global problems. We owe it to ours, to those who are, to those who are no longer, to those who have participated in clinical trials voluntarily and altruistically on behalf of all, to health workers who have worked beyond their capabilities risking their lives every day, to entrepreneurs who want a second chance to reactivate their economy.

Getting vaccinated is an act of responsibility.

Nobody will force us to get vaccinated, but yes we must force ourselves to reflect on the great benefit that that we all get vaccinated, leaving aside individual selfishness and “let others get vaccinated”. We will only defeat the virus if we bet on the collectivist perspective.

Vaccines against Covid-19 will help reduce the “health bill.”

Investing in vaccines has always been and will be profitable from the point of view of economy Of the health. Vaccines contain health spending by preventing populations from getting sick and therefore consume resources. It’s easy to understand. Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic has squeezed and continues to squeeze the health system and the expense it has entailed in recent months has been just as necessary as it is exorbitant. The demands of the population in terms of health have demanded that this be the case, and the health authorities have not hesitated to respond fully to this need. Now it’s time to get vaccinated to save on health.

Vaccines against Covid-19 will also prevent other diseases.

Nobody is aware that the focus of the health system in the approach to this pandemic is leaving aside optimal care for other types of acute and chronic diseases. Controlling the effects of COVID-19 will indirectly help reopen a space to address other pathologies they need it too.

Vaccination of populations against Covid-19 is the only straight line that will lead to the long-awaited “normaliad”.

We are tired and we all want to get back our “old” life. Getting vaccinated responsibly is the fastest way to do this. We long for the embrace of our elders, the games of our children, the closeness of our teachers, the meetings with our friends, the enjoyment of a good meal, attending a sporting event, seeing a movie premiere, traveling … enjoy our smiles …

María Fernández Prada is a Physician in the Preventive Medicine and Public Health Service of the Hospital Vital Álvarez Buylla de Mieres


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