March 9, 2021

Temudas starts in the Plaza de Santa Ana with the fusion between dance and circus of 'Block' – La Provincia

The show Block, of the British company Nofit State Circus & Motionhouse, opens this Thursday, July 4, at 9:00 p.m. in the Plaza Santa Ana, the 23rd edition of the Temudas Theater, Music and Dance Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which will be held until next August 2. Block It is a powerful fusion of dance and circus that pushes the limits of both forms of art. This international premiere in the capital of Gran Canaria, which has the sponsorship of Binter, is a challenge to the law of gravity on twenty large stone blocks that can also be enjoyed a day later, on Friday, July 5, at the same time in Santa Ana.

The director of the Theater, Music and Dance Festival, Marisol García, together with the dancer Joel Pradas Reguill, presented at a press conference the details of this street format show to be performed in the emblematic square of Vegueta, where they will be enabled a stage and 600 chairs so that the public can enjoy the international function that Temudas inaugurates. It treats, affirmed Joel Pradas in reference to Santa Ana, "of a perfect square and near to welcome the representation of this spectacle that is directed to all the public and is very familiar".

What happens when they meet the dance and the circus? Convergen, they come into contact and intermingle. This is what it offers Block, a dynamic and exciting show "of 40 minutes without stopping," said Pradas, about life in the city: its contradictions and its challenges. A surprising story that captures the intensity of everyday life.

"We try to create different sets and help us from the circus and dance to express different emotions," the dancer explained. To do this, twenty large heavy blocks are raised up to six meters, are de-built and reformed in an infinite variety of ways with which the performers interact, move and explore "to see who ends up having the power of them."

"Along with dance and the circus, we try to represent the relationships between people, both romantic and friendship, and the problems with which we find ourselves to understand each other," added Pradas.

Based on an original staging concept by Ali Williams and directed by Kevin Finnan, a total of four acrobats and three dancers: Bryn Aled, Andrew Davies, Rosie Macari, Joel Pradas Reguill, Giorgia Setaro, Lee Tinnion and Laksmi Arco Valnei stand out for their synchronization, surprising the audience from beginning to end.

Founded in 1988 by Louise Richards and Kevin Finnan MBE, the company Nofit State Circus & Motionhouse creates dance and circus productions that make extensive tours with rave reviews all over the world, from complete productions for theatrical tours to flexible works for outdoor activities free and large format events. His productions integrate an athletic physique, a powerful narrative, incredible digital images and emotional sounds.

The programming of this new edition of Temudas that begins this Thursday includes fifteen proposals for street theater, machinery, contemporary circus, dance, music and clown, as well as traveling shows that will be performed in a total of twenty performances. For a month, five international productions, three national and seven Canary will appropriate the streets of the capital in this annual event with the performing arts.

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