Temer says he leaves the government with a light soul and conscience of having fulfilled

Temer says he leaves the government with a light soul and conscience of having fulfilled

The president of Brazil, Michel Temer, declared today in a message to the nation, that he leaves the government with "the light soul and the conscience of having fulfilled" and thanked God for having given him "serenity" to "fulfill the mission" that it was "designated" during the two and a half years that the Presidency took office.

"With the reforms and advances that put our country in a new time, I leave with the light soul and the conscience of having fulfilled." From the heart (…) thank you very much to all of you and a happy Christmas night, "said Temer in a speech broadcast on the open television and radio networks throughout the country.

A week after handing over the presidential sash to ultra-rightist Jair Bolsonaro, winner of the elections held in October, the current head of state stressed that he did not intend to talk about his administration, which began in 2016 after the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff and who was vice president .

In his speech, Temer thanked "God", his "family", his "ministers" and "all Brazilians", both those who supported him and those who were critical of his administration.

"(I want) to thank all the Brazilians, indistinctly, those who supported me and also those who did not support, because democracy is that, it is to be able to think and prove that it is possible to do more for Brazil and for the life of all", the president said.

He added that the "challenges" and the "imposed barriers" were what motivated him to "move forward" and considered that "it was worth every obstacle overcome, every moment lived and every conquest made".

In a brief summary of his little more than two years of government, the president considered that the South American giant "advanced".

"I would like to have given Brazil even better to all of you, but you can also be sure that I have not saved any effort or energy and I know that I am delivering a much better Brazil than the one I received," he said.

Since coming to power, the Executive of Temer has promoted an economic agenda with deep liberal reforms, a severe fiscal adjustment and a broad package of privatizations and concessions in order to reverse the imbalance in public accounts caused by the acute recession of 2015 and 2016, period in which the Brazilian economy collapsed 7%.

However, since taking office, Temer has been the object of various suspicions of corruption that even, on two occasions, materialized in formal complaints filed by the Attorney General's Office before the Supreme Court.

In both cases, the Chamber of Deputies refused to deprive him of his privileges and prevented the eventual opening of a criminal trial against him.

However, last Wednesday, the Attorney General of Brazil, Raquel Dodge, filed a third complaint of corruption and money laundering against the president and five others for their alleged participation in a plot that benefited the port sector in exchange for bribes.

The complaint came as a result of a report presented by the Federal Police, which found indications that Temer sanctioned a decree that altered the law of ports and benefited some companies in the port sector.

Next January 1, Temer will pass the presidential band to the elected president and, once his term ends, he will lose the privileged privilege, so all investigations and criminal trials against him will continue their course in the common justice system.


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