May 17, 2021

Temer goes to the G20 with an agenda opposed to the one of Brazil proposed by Bolsonaro

Temer goes to the G20 with an agenda opposed to the one of Brazil proposed by Bolsonaro

The Brazilian leader, Michel Temer, traveled today to Buenos Aires, where he will attend the G20 Summit with an agenda in some aspects opposed to that of the president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, who will assume power on January 1.

According to diplomatic sources, two of the issues on which Temer will emphasize the summit of the world's leading economies will be multilateralism, especially in the ordering of international trade, and combating the effects of climate change.

In that sense, the extreme right-wing Jair Bolsonaro has some divergences, since he has suggested that in the commercial section he will bet more on bilateral agreements than on global agreements.

The president-elect is also a permanent critic of the Paris Agreement on climate change, of which he has even warned that he could withdraw Brazil.

Bolsonaro even admitted that he had direct interference in the decision of the current Brazilian government to withdraw the country as a candidate to host the 2019 Climate Summit (COP25).

Although he alleged "budget" problems, he also acknowledged that he did not want "the realization of this event" in Brazil.

"Our diplomacy acted against the COP25 because it is not of our interest and because what is at stake is our sovereignty: in exchange for the climate agreement (of Paris), which we accept for being favorable to the preservation of the environment, they want to deliver great part of the Amazon to the external administration, "said Bolsonaro.

Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted that Temer's participation in what will be his last G20 Summit has not been discussed with Bolsonaro or with the team he has appointed for the transition process, and clarified that Brazil's position in the meeting of Buenos Aires will be that of the "current Government".


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